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Sheersho Pramanik
Nov 11 2017, 11:22 PM
#SaturdayNightThai This was my first time having dinner at The Thaichi Street , Baani Square. I couldn't find a place better than this in its ambience ,quality and service. #ExtensiveExperience We started out with the Wonton Soup which had Prawns in it. They were stuffed delicately inside the layers of the Wonton. The soup was absolutely clear and had fresh herbs mixed in with it. Next I ordered a set of Chicken Dumplings. They were assorted and were shaped differently. I found the taste of each a tad bit different than the others. Overall there were 3 varieties of each shape. #TasteWithATwist Last we had the Main Course. There were Prawn Crisps, Fried Eggs and Chicken Teriyaki Pieces on top of Fried Noodles. I'll soon post the photos in a separate post. They were simply Mesmerizing as I had all of them in one plate. Each Ingredient seemed to compliment each other. Finally I can't have words for how great and polite the restaurant staff were. This was seriously the meal of the month for me

Loved the Food at this place

Sheersho Pramanik at Thaichi Street, South City 2, Gurgaon photos

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