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Pooja Gupta , #GOLD MAGICIAN.. 🎩👑👒Passionate about exploring the new places, food, and culture.. Been enthusiastic about travelling to certain new places, and get in contact with the locals..certainly i am not of a kind, u can get anywhere.. A perfect friend, a companion to share with, explore and see various places on the globe.. Tours and trips comes first for me, then the better halfs of life. Enjoying the each bit is what i have gone through and learnt i my life. Hereafter just move and go with the flow baby.. Thats it.. The mantra of life..
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Nov 20 2017, 12:36 PM
#grooming_kit. The mart has all the brands into it. You can really end up in finding the exotic brands, that you might have only heard of. Huge huge collection of all grooming and makeup essentials stocked up into racks from bottom, to more than your height. For all skin types, all varieties, brands. A perfect place, for your shopping of such things.
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Nov 22 2017, 07:39 AM