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Neha Wali , A big Foodie. Delhite. Engineer. Philanthropist. Observer.
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Dec 26 2017, 06:07 PM
Just complementing each other like the ying and yang. How seemingly opposite yet interconnected, we grow together and improve upon our fallacies. We agree to disagree. We disagree to agree. But in this whole journey of life, we always have our back at each other. It's not the numbers that bind us, but the serendipity which unites us! If time could express the pain and happiness, no one would have ever used imagination and creativity! We stick together till the people tearing us apart take a stand behind. Not a just a date but a part of forever. Our atoms fuse together to form a stable molecule. #nyedate #happiness #peace #love
Neha Wali at Molecule Air Bar, Sector 29,  photos

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