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Jan 1 0001, 12:00 AM
It's fabulous day for me....not me it's us after hectic day of shopping, movies. Watched awesome movie Padmaavat 🖼️so thought make this day memorable and it should not get wasted like some other day, after tiring day we finally thought of dinner and Chinese cuisines crossed my mind and restaurant name automatically came from my mouth Sichuan ♨️♨️♨️ we ordered Chilly Paneer in starter and found it very tasty and delicious, I had chilly paneer from many restaurants but getting it prepared from Authentic Chinese restaurant is like ice on cake, in main course we order Egg chilly noodle which is like never ending in tatse and great in quantity. Love you Sichuan for being true to your USPs and making customer Happy in your style, best part is taking feedback in middle of dine and you may change your order if that doesn't tatse well or in proper preparation 🤘🤘#proudgoldmagician #dinner_time #feeling_awesome #memorabledays #chinesecraving #hakkanoodles #ilovechinesefood

Loved the Food, Service, Ambience, Music, Drinks, Crowd at this place

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