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Sheersho Pramanik
Jan 1 0001, 12:00 AM
#MiniItalianDelights This place is actually like a miniature version of Italy. The decor , the ambience and the food menu exactly resembles that. I ordered 3 things. First I ordered a Alfredo Chicken Pasta. #PastasAreLove I asked them to put toppings including Meatballs, Pepperoni and Bacon on top. Next I ordered an Apple Juice with 80% Pure Pulp Concentration. Lastly nothing in Italy goes full without #GarlicBread. It's the best thing to go along with Pasta. It was sliced into 12 pieces and served with a Cheesy Dip. I was really satisfied with the food and service here.

Loved the Food, Service at this place

Sheersho Pramanik at Instapizza, Sector 50, Gurgaon photos

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