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Rujhan Maniktalia , Being a great traveller🚄 to Delhi🌇 i have too become a great foodie🍽️.I use to travel🚐 across delhi with friends👬👫 and discover new places as well new food items.
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#bananikitchen One of the popular restaurant in #gurgaon for pure #bengalifood.Since i am a true lover of bengali dessert #rasogulla i tried that one.Rasogulla was too tasty and too sweet in taste dipped in #chasni to give its exotic taste.
It was #pongy and was very well prepared to give a perfect circular shape.
#dessertlover #foodie #happywallets

Loved the Food, Service at this place

Rujhan Maniktalia at Banani's Kitchen, South City 2, Gurgaon photos

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