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Sakshi Agrawal
July 17, 2020, 2:34 a.m.
#aftercollegehunger #pizzalovers Mozzars is a nice and big outlet however crowd
is less🤔.. but order influx is mainly via food delivery partners🍕 I believe.
There pizzas🍕are good, though a tad bit pricey💲💲💰,however thanks to #offeraddicts Zomato Gold its a treat altogether😍.#pizza We ordered the mozerella veg pizza and a boat pizza and also baked fries🍟 and stuffed cheese garlics scroll🌯.#fries The dough is fresh and soft
and upper crust is pleasantly crispy😊.
#customization I wish they introduce customizations in the boat pizza too
Pepsi for 49 came in a small 200ml glass so it was an obvious disappointment.#nice overall it was nice😊

Loved the Food, Service, Ambience, Music, Drinks, Crowd at this place

Sakshi Agrawal at Mozzar's Pizzaworks, Balewadi,  photos

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Girish Chaudhari
2 years, 9 months ago