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Nischay Rock , We are all born for a higher purpose, many of us realise it when it’s too late… I know what I am supposed to do- eat, travel, explore and experience.
Apr 16 2018, 09:32 AM
#ChaiKiChuski It was usually sunny, but today it was cloudy πŸŒ₯ so we thought of drinking #chai, when comes to the chai which is the best place πŸ€”? We googled, enquired, magicpined and we found chai point near us, it was just around 1 stop ahed. So we decided to hop in there. Its a place where everyone usually orders online, the #chefs are so busy, packing the order for delivery, they took me around 6 min to serve, we ordered ginger #tea and one lemon πŸ‹ tea. (lemon tea is famous here). The taste was good. What i noticed was the price has a huge difference when compared to online and dine in. One more thing which I was annoyed was the was no #seating. If you are looking for a place to sit and chit chat, it's a big no to this place, hence its fine. #chaipecharcha #chaiislife #tea #OldWorldLuxury #DriveToDrink

Loved the Food, Service at this place

Nischay Rock at Chai Point, Malleshwaram,  photos

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