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Rahul Goel
July 17, 2020, 7:19 a.m.
#Dedicated2BestFood #Cheers2AllWinners #MetWithNaturedMagicians #FeatureMe I have reached the CafeAfterHours at 11:15 was a lil bit late and missed some intro sessions of our newbies. Through these sessions i have discovered lot of new Magicians. Alltogether the important thing was that Magicpin have Completed their 3Sucessful years in the market. Then i was informed by one of the host to write up my name on the chit so that i could participate in the games thrown our elite hosts including Sudhir jain ,Asim Khan ,Siddharth S Rai ,Ishu Goel alongwith Keerthana Rao, Aditi, priyanka raj. Now let's talkin'bout food #GoodFood, as i have reached a bit late i have missed some of the best snaks but was welcomed with a Mocktail 😋 and Chili Panner. About Ambience, all most everyone excluding hosts were busy eating. We have played games and some magician's won them too. Lunch was just similar to Buffet system that suits quite good when these sorts of meetups are arranged. Everyone made a Que and followed it chance by chance. all together this meetup was best ever i have attended. Lastly i have also clicked the picture of cook also who was responsible to make all the fingerlicking snaks and food. #BestestMeetup #MagicpinMeetUp #MeetUpGoals #GourmetDesserts #CongoMagicPin.
Rahul Goel at Cafe After Hours, City Centre, Dwarka,  photos

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