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Vedant Rander , 19 😎Foodiee 🥘🍩🍰Exploring new places everyday 🍣🍜Shopaholic 😉Life is all about the next step 😉
Jul 20 2018, 06:42 PM
Ambience is okayish, but the food and hookah here is splendid. Memorable times here ❤️
When you know the owner here personally for many years, what a person he is ❤️
Feels like home when I’m here 💯💯
#Aladdin #Geniee #genieespecial #splendidflavours #Shishalover

Loved the food, service, ambience, music, drinks and crowd at this place

Vedant Rander at Cafe Aladdin, St. Marks Road, Bangalore photos

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