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Dec 9 2018, 07:27 PM
#FeelAlive #LoadedNachos #MasalaPaneerTikkaPizza #AglioOlioPasta #HawainColada. So visiting this fabulous place once again me and my friends enjoyed a lot as we danced a lot, a lot and a lot😂 ordering with good taste of food for the hunger to be cured😅. So coming to the food taste Masala Paneer Tikka Pizza was sort of good in taste as the taste of Paneer was actually giving a flavour of Tandoor but the base of pizza was not that good. Aglio Olio Pasta was good in taste and the best part was that sauce was added too much which gave a great taste of penne pasta. Loaded Nachos was not that good as they were sticky beacuse of Cheese and they added which could have been presented in a better way. Hawain Colada mocktail was good and refreshing in taste as it was nicley blended with pineapple, cononut water and sort of juice. Really enjoyed this place for dance and lot other things. #Magician🎩 #MustVisit🙏🏻.
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