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Tanya Garg
Aug 12 2019, 05:06 PM
It's a spacious cafe with comfortable seats. Not a one to be recommended for bday parties. Light music is played as you enjoy your meal.
I found both the north indian and Chinese cuisines served very tastily here. 🥰🥰
First we we ordered famous veg tandoori momos. And I would say it's the best among many places.I justloved them.😍😍
Secondly we ordered Full house North indian platter. It was one of the best platter I have ever had. 💜😘
Thirdly I ordered Chinese platter Veg it up which had soft crispy spring rolls , manchurian and chowmein. One should really try it. It was very delicious.
In drink we ordered blackberry mojito. It was okayish. 😍💜🧡🥰
In all for the food served I would rate it 4/5.
Ambience 4/5
Tanya Garg at QD's Restaurant, GTB Nagar, New Delhi photos

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