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Tanya Garg
July 17, 2020, 9:21 a.m.
\nUnited coffee house - One of the oldest and legendary fine dine restaurant in Connaught place.\n\nThis place is from 1942 and still they haven't lose their charm and also glowing it with time. A beautiful ambience with welcoming staff. This place is surely a good to go place along with friends,family for proper fine dine. Staff was very helpful, they told us about their most selling items. They were taking care of each and every customer as well.😍😍😍\n\nIn drinks🥤, we have tried their mango and berry smoothie. It was thick and so good in taste. Also, tried their watermelon mojito and green apple mocktail which is their most selling item in the menu of mocktail.\n\nIn food, we have tried\n1)Mewari papad paneer \nThis starter is so good. Fried in papad and from inside, its so soft. Also, served with two chutney. It tastes so amazingly well.\n\n2)Vegetarian platter \nThis platter consists of 4 things i.e\nA)cottage cheese,\nB)Mushrooms,\nC)Jalapeno stuffed bell peppers and\nD)spicy cajun crushed potatoes.\nThis is a complete package. All are things are very good.\n\nIn dessert, i have had halwa tart. That thing was too good. Topped with lots of dry fruits and served with vanilla ice cream.🍧🍦\n\nOverall,\nIt was so good to be there and one should go with family and friends. Finest restaurant of the CP.
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