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Abhiraj Singh Thakur , A 🥇Gold Magician😍 with a heart ♥ of GOLD. First I eat then I do everything else 😘😋. Mountain ⛰ boy. Non Vegetarian by Nature 🍗. Loves to groove on punjabi beats 🎶. My love for late night 🌃 cravings cannot be halted 😍. Life is all about FOOD, MUSIC 🎶 AND TRAVEL 🌏❤️. Do checkout my Instagram page to know more about my foodie nature 😍👇
Jun 18 2020, 11:34 PM
One should really practice meditation, because it's a vital way way to purify and quiet the mind which really helps in rejuvenating the body..❤️
This aasan or technique is known as bhastrika and trust me it's really very helpful for peace of mind.. ❤️
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