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Jazmyne Sardana , instagram: jazzthebossbabe
Jun 22 2020, 07:42 PM
I happen to revisit the reminder of incultating meditation in my life when i joined #magicmeditationmeet with my fellow magicians
It was organized by #mindhouse and what helped me centered was bhastrika pranayam followed by white light meditation.
Bhastrika is a form of breath works, which fills and saturates our lungs with oxygen, hence the yawn/feeling of being tierd due to lack of oxygen saturation dimishes.
It works equally well like a strong cup of coffee, and gets the adrenaline rush pumping in your body.
I feel blessed to experience such a beautiful meet during these testing times, where it is easy to get anxious and discouraged .
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Jazmyne Sardana at Mindhouse, Sector 29,  photos

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