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July 17, 2020, 7:07 a.m.
#winnerspost #magicpin_sports_fest  4 teams 4 games 1 trophy to be won... Team screaming eagles was captained by me... Shrey Dangi commanded Team Eminent .. Ankzzz Kakkarrr lead team High Rollers and Paras Arora was skipper to team Elites and the sports fest was organised at Decathlon noida the memorable day was started with Zumba a warm up session with team decathlon who was there to supervise whole event followed up by ✴circuit training which was short and refined version of relay race but it needed some swiftness (grabbed 2nd spot) ✴crossfit this was some exercising session to pull out the weak team mates first and those teams who left with more no of Team mates will win and this was painful and required much stamina and will power Bharti Singh Nilesh Badrike  Harshit Kalra and few more did well in this (shared 1st spot with other 2) after this we got much needed break as it was required after such painful and sweaty session of crossfit and we grabbed bananas and lassi flavoured one to get rejuvenated again for other two games left to grab the trophy and in between break all teams checked there points and calculated how they can win the trophy and made some new strategies with team members and the small break followed with ✴football in which only five members were allowed in court with shuffling process and Nilesh Badrike  was highlight of this as he scored maximum goals in all games and with his help we were able to grab 2nd spot now last but not least ✴Tug of war which was all about power to pull the opponents towards you and stop yourself going to their end and this was decider for the trophy and with first session against Team Eminent we won and eliminated there hopes for trophy and we were pumped up to win by Keerthana Rao and in we were finally 1 step far from first ever trophy win and we smashed the high rollers and came up with flying colors grabbed 1st spot with the trophy #celebration_begins Scearming Eagles came up as trophy pullers thanks to every team member of my team as without you it was not possible thanks Anshoo Sharma Keerthana Rao and Decathlon noida for such amazing sports fest hope to see some more fest like this will be arranged in near future thanks to every one this is Sudhir jain signing off from the days fun hope every one enjoyed and those who didn't came up were missed #screaming_eagles #winners #explorer #proudgoldmagician #mysportyselfie
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