Shikha Narula


Shikha Narula

I run my cafe by the name of Sparsa Cafe..A typical foodie person who loves to explore different cuisine..Someone with a sweet tooth 😋 Extremely conscious as far as fitness is concerned

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28 Things about Shikha Narula

Your favorite sport


Are you a Tea or Coffee person?

Coffee person

Your guilty pleasure


A quote you love

Life is gamble play it

The trend you wish had died already


What's your (alcoholic) drink

Red Wine

The most awesome cartoon character from 90s

Tom n Jerry

The first website you visit in the morning

Weather forecast

A useless subject you're an expert in

Over thinking

A movie that made you cry

Hum Aapke hai kaun

Name someone who is a must follow on Quora


A TV series you are currently watching

Shakuntla Devi

The coolest thing you own

My burburry hand bag

The cutest thing in the world

My daughter

Your favorite app is

Beauty plus

A sport you'd want to be great at


A fashion brand you love


A city you'd want to live other than your own


Best song released in recent years

Tera ghata

The coolest living person


Something you'll never eat


Most interesting job

Watching tv

Food you'd never give up on


A celebrity you'd want as a friend

Diya Mirza

Your favourite hangout place


Currently playing in your earphones

Latest songs

You can be anyone in the world for one day only. Who would it be?

Sushmita sen

A book you would recommend

Men r from mars n women r from venus