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The fast-changing pace of life has brought with it its own set of issues with lifestyle-related health problems on the rise. Zandu believes the practice of ancient Ayurveda is important more so now th The fast-changing pace of life has brought with it its own set of issues with lifestyle-related heal ... more
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Customer experience with Zanducare

Sugandh Singhal profile pic
Sugandh Singhal at Zanducare, Sector 29,  photos
Magicpin asked me a really simple question!
What does immunity with zanducare mean to you?
So Immunity to me means one bottle of sanitizer because corona virus is going on.
Immunity to me means one spoon of chavanprash because immunity and health comes first.
For me and my family's immunity I only trust zanducare.
They have an amazing range of products from zandu chavanprasad to zandu sanitizer and from Giloy tulsi health juice to zandu kesar jeevan.
The products are best for your overall health and immunity. Also because corona virus pandemic is going on it becomes absolutely mandatory to keep our immunity strong with zandu chavanprasad and stay away from germs using zandu sanitizer.
You can also shop immunity products for your family by following the given link:-
Akash Singh Pangauriya profile pic
Akash Singh Pangauriya at Zanducare, Sector 29,  photos
#TakeCareWithZanduCare #ZanduKesariJevan #ZanduPureHoney #ZanduChyavanprashad
#ZanduCare #ZanduImmunity #ZanduBooster
$ Immunity with Pure Honey used to make instant Kadha
$ Immunity With Kesari Jevan one spoon with boiled water
$ Immunity With Chyvanprashad one spoon
$ Built immunity and Stamina with Zandu Amla, Shilajit and Ashwagandha
$ Help to provide youthful enery, bone strengthens and calcium
Make sure to use the ZanduCare products according to your strength and it is definitely health expert for a changing your life.
Magicpin is providing exciting offer for ZanduCare Product purchasing with 50% off + get Rs. 200 off with using of following below given link as under;
Akash Singh Pangauriya profile pic
Akash Singh Pangauriya at Zanducare, Sector 29,  photos
#TakeCareWithZanduCare #ZanduKesariJevan #ZanduPureHoney #ZanduChyavanprashad
#ZanduCare #ZanduImmunity #ZanduBooster
$ Immunity with Pure Honey used to make instant Kadha
$ Immunity With Kesari Jevan one spoon with boiled water
$ Immunity With Chyvanprashad one spoon
$ Built immunity and Stamina with Zandu Amla, Shilajit and Ashwagandha
$ Help to provide youthful enery, bone strengthens and calcium
Make sure to use the ZanduCare products according to your strength and it is definitely health expert for a changing your life.
Magicpin is providing exciting offer for ZanduCare Product purchasing with 50% off + get Rs. 200 off with using of following below given link as under;
Akash Singh Pangauriya profile pic
Akash Singh Pangauriya at Zanducare, Sector 29,  photos
#TakeCareWithZanduCare #ZanduKesariJevan #ZanduPureHoney #ZanduChyavanprashad
#ZanduCare #ZanduImmunity #ZanduBooster
$ Immunity with Pure Honey used to make instant Kadha
$ Immunity With Kesari Jevan one spoon with boiled water
$ Immunity With Chyvanprashad one spoon
$ Built immunity and Stamina with Zandu Amla, Shilajit and Ashwagandha
$ Help to provide youthful enery, bone strengthens and calcium
Make sure to use the ZanduCare products according to your strength and it is definitely health expert for a changing your life.
Magicpin is providing exciting offer for ZanduCare Product purchasing with 50% off + get Rs. 200 off with using of following below given link as under;
Aman Gupta profile pic
Aman Gupta at Zanducare, Sector 29,  photos

Immunity to me means one tablespoon full of zandu pancharishta.

The anti-oxidant nature of tonic is best for me, further it also help in improving appetitie and also in digestion of foods.

Moreover it contains "giloy" which is one of the suggeted ingredients by the health ministry to boost the immunity. You can buy the zandu vouchers from this link -
Reema Khan profile pic
Reema Khan at Zanducare, Sector 29,  photos
Immunity means to me one teaspoon of zandu honey because sehat is the real money.
Zanducare protected me always without making me spend on medications and also, I used it as my early morning diet start.
The real immunity booster,
honey with lot of health benefits.
#zanducare #immunityfight #homeremedy #magicpin #zanduproducts #onelinercontest
Richa Singhal profile pic
Richa Singhal at Zanducare, Sector 29,  photos
Immunity to me means drinking this kadha which is essential. It is natural immunity booster source and i like drinking this with some honey.
Don't wait and order this awesome product and do follow the link below to grab exciting vouchers:
Alok Singh Rajput profile pic
Alok Singh Rajput at Zanducare, Sector 29,  photos
Immunity to me means two spoon of Alovera juice daily.
It keeps my body and digestive system too healthy. It's also work for skin and liver too.
This is the reason why I keep some ayurvedic juice and meds with me for my daily health routine and For my ayurvedic meds I always choose only #zanducare.
Richa Singhal profile pic
Richa Singhal at Zanducare, Sector 29,  photos
#takecarewithzanducare I ordered various products from Zanducare and all were satisfying. This Zandu pancharisht is best relief from any digestion problem and it also helps in boosting digestive immunity. This is must have product for sure. Don't wait just order: Follow the link below to grab great vouchers
Parveen Dagar profile pic
Parveen Dagar at Zanducare, Sector 29,  photos
#takecarewithzanducare #immunitybooster #zanducare #honey

The beat tonic for winter is chavanorash “jo kare bhiyri shakti ka vikas” yes its 100% orignal immunity booster that very necessary for everyone health.... so go with “ZANDU PRODUCT”
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About Zanducare

Zanducare OfferZanducare Offer Details
All UsersGet Rs.750 OFF on min bill of Rs.1500
UPI OfferExtra 1% OFF with MGPUPI
Payment Offer - OlaMoneyCashback upto Rs.200 on first ever txn of min. Rs 299 using OlaMoney Postpaid+
Payment Offer - FreeCharge15% upto Rs.40 CB on min. txn of Rs.150 for New users of FreeCharge
User's choiceGet Rs.750 OFF on min bill of Rs.1500
Best PriceGet Rs.200 OFF on min bill of Rs.500

What is Zanducare and what does it offer?

Zandu intends to serve humanity by bringing pure, authentic, and effective ayurvedic products at pocket-friendly prices. Zanducare brings together the goodness of ancient Ayurveda and contemporary technology to make their products. Their products are compliant with ayurvedic scriptures like Charak Samhita, Sushruta Samhita, and Bhaishajya-Ratnavali.

Building on their rich ayurvedic legacy and health expertise, they have become one of India's leading ayurvedic companies in the FMCG space. With the iconic Zandu Balm and Zandu Chyavanprash in their product portfolio, they are one of the most reliable brands in pain management and immunity-boosting products.

They have carved a niche with their thoughtfully manufactured products that adhere to industry standards by providing optimum quality assurance. A brand under the FMCG major, Emami Ltd., Zandu's contribution towards India's health and wellness space since its inception in 1910.

The company is a technology-enabled one-stop shop for ayurvedic products belonging to departments such as immunity, digestive health, sexual wellness, mental wellness, and bone and joint health.

Zandu Care has redefined the health and wellness industry and is dedicated in its commitment to making ayurvedic solutions accessible to the masses by providing quality care products. The company aspires to protect the science and wisdom of Ayurveda by ensuring that it doesn't lose its relevance in the fast-changing modern way of life.

Why should you choose Zanducare?

Zandu maintains a strong position as one of the first pharmaceutical companies in the sector to provide 'guaranteed 100% vegetarian' products inclusive of their capsules that are free of gelatine.

All their products carry the hallmark of the 5000-year-old science of Ayurveda, and hence, the products are prevention-oriented solutions that aid in disease management. Zandu Care provides Ayurvedic products that have thoroughly undergone quality checks before they reach their customers.

All the products are manufactured at GMP-certified advanced manufacturing facilities under the careful supervision of qualified and trained employees. They are made with duly sourced, potent ingredients that are pure, authentic, and 100% vegetarian. The range of products aims to bring about a change in the customer's lifestyle.

Zandu has incorporated the conventional ayurvedic practices over the last 110 years with state-of-the-art technology, aimed towards bringing out pure and effective products that are of premium quality. Derived from a wide assortment of research and information, the company brings to its customers time-tested and proven healthcare solutions.

Top selling products of Zanducare

Zandu Sonachandi Chyawanplus

It helps to improve memory, immunity, learning ability, and concentration. Rich in antioxidants such as vitamin C, it is prepared from 51 traditional Ayurvedic ingredients which are medically proven to help prevent cough and cold, and allergies.

Zandu Kesari Jivan

It helps to boost strength and stamina. It keeps you energetic for the whole day. It is a revitalizer, rich in saffron and pearl. It also gives you calcium which helps strengthen the bones.

Zandu Balm

It is well known as India's no.1 pain relief balm, it is the perfect solution for headaches, body aches, and cold.

Zandu Quick Relief Roll-On

An easy, quick, and convenient headache relief, remedy for the worst headaches. It provides long-lasting relief from pains and aches.

Zandu Haldi Drops

The product's formulation is made to boost immunity and overall health. It does not just have Haldi but also Saffron, Cinnamon, Cardamom, and Black pepper. It also has blood purifying (Rakta shodhaka) properties. It is useful to treat skin disorders, cough, and cold.

Zandu Chyavanprashad

The perfect product to boost internal and external immune defence. The Chyavanprashad is sugar-free and is scientifically proven to provide 2x immunity, improve your stamina and energy levels.

Zandu Kesari Jivan - FFD

It is specially formulated for those with high blood sugar levels. It is a daily revitalizer, rich with saffron and pearl, and provides you with power and energy. Helps to improve calcium levels in the body and strengthens the bones. It'll keep you energetic throughout the day.

Zandu Triphala (90 Caps)

This is the product for you if you are someone looking for solutions for the problems related to constipation. It is also known to improve your gut health along with supporting bowel wellness. The capsules by Zanducare are well known for their antioxidant properties and for detoxifying the body.

Zandu Immunity Kit - Mini

The immunity kit has been specially formulated for those who want to boost their immunity. It consists of 450-gram packages of both Zandu Chyavanprash Avaleha as well as Zandu Chyavanprashad. Zandu Chyavanprash Avaleha is useful in boosting your immunity while Zandu Chyavanprashad is a sugar-free chyawanprash that helps in improving stamina and the energy levels in your body.

Zandu Asvagandha (60 Caps) (Pack of 2)

These tablets by Zanducare aid better stress management effectively and naturally. They help your body to relax after a stressful day by relieving you from weakness and fatigue. If taken regularly, these tablets are also helpful in boosting your immunity and are beneficial to restore your natural strength.

How to use Zanducare Tulsi drops?

Tulsi Drops are a unique formulation made using various types of Tulsi. These drops regulate the immune system and are antiviral. They also have hepatoprotective, antioxidant, and anti-stress properties. When used regularly, they help to prevent viral infection, maintain healthy respiratory function and relieve cough and cold and give boost immunity. They are also helpful in supporting liver and digestive health.

For best results-

  • - Take half a glass of water, milk, or tea (100 ml).
  • - Add 5-10 drops (0.3-0.6 ml) of Tulsi Drops.
  • - Stir and drink.
  • - Consume it twice a day for best results.

Coupons available for Zanducare

You can keep checking the website for new and upcoming vouchers available for the Zanducare product line on magicpin website and mobile application.

You can also opt for notifications to know about the latest offers.

How to return/cancel the order on Zanducare?

You can request a return of item level and if you have ordered multiple items, you can request return of a partial quantity

Time Limit for Return or cancel request

You can raise a return/cancel request with Zandu customer care within 24 hours from the delivery of the product. Zandu reserves the right to cancel the return request, if the customer reaches out to Zandu after 24 hours of delivery.

Return and Refund Policy

Zanducare strives to ensure your orders are delivered to your satisfaction. However, in the rare event that your order is unsatisfactory, they are happy to accept returns for orders, if:

  • Product(s) delivered do not match your order;
  • Product(s) delivered are past or near its expiry date (medicines with an expiry date of less than 03 months shall be considered as near expiry)
  • Product(s) delivered were damaged in transit (Please do not accept product(s) with tampered seal)

Top Zanducare Products and its pricing

Brand / Product NamePrice (in Rs)
Herbalvilla Immunity Booster for AdultsRs.349
Naturyz Immuno Support Triple Action Immunity BoosterRs.599
Fast And Up Charge Plus - Natural Immunity BoosterRs.359
Dabur Giloy Tablet- Immunity BoosterRs 164

Re-launch of Zandu by Emam

A complete brand re-launch of Zandu was planned for Emami Ltd, one of the FMCG majors. The re-launch was the revamped of the brand repositioning and its product portfolio as one of the best explanation providers to lifestyle disorders which are found very frequently in every family.

The decision of repositioning came in after the company carried out a very successful pilot in only one state of Andhra Pradesh over the past two years.

One of the five power brands from the Emami stable, Zandu has been one of Emami’s very famed acquisitions, which were made nearly ten years back in 2008. (The remaining four other power brands being Kesh King, Boroplus, Fair & Handsome, and Navratna.)

The company had been working on revamping and re-launching Zandu. The trend has changed big time and the acceptance of Ayurvedic and natural products is increasing on an everyday basis. For Zandu as an old and existing brand, it has opened more opportunities.

A London-based advertising agency has been briefed for redesigning the logo and other packaging details of the brand in a completely refreshed way.

New offerings by Zanducare

Zanducare’s new product offerings cover products for disorders such as digestive issues and diabetes. The new products have been worked on and are ready for launch. Some of them have already hit the market whereas others are due for their launch very soon.

Currently, the brand offers over 200 product offerings which are in the form of syrups, tablets, sprays, gels, balm, and chawyanprash. These are reliable products which customers already prefer on a day-to-day basis. It has taken years of consistent quality for it to become a top-choice for consumers today.

As per the company, the year 2017 for Zandu accounted for Rs.530 crore or over 20 percent of Emami’s consolidated turnover. Making Zanducare Emami’s bestselling brand.

A report by Edelweiss Securities states that the Zandu product portfolio has seen altering fortunes over the last many quarters and it has been a mixed bag for the company. While some of their top-selling products continue to dominate the market, others struggle to keep up with that. However, Zanducare and Emami are working towards increasing their awareness and sales in the coming months.

‘Right time’ Approach

As per Edelweiss Securities, it was the right time to refresh the brand looks and identity of the brand Zandu. Major competitors like Dabur have renewed their focus on Ayurveda and other MNC players in the queue were also beefing up their Ayush portfolio big time.

Lifestyle disorders were becoming common in India and people were replying to Ayurvedic medicine to address this issue as a long-term help, with no or fewer side effects. In this context, the decision of repositioning the brand looks was wise. Moreover, degrowth for a brand like Zandu in the last couple of quarters should make the case stronger and be a big reason for new launches or a brand refresh.

Emami and Zanducare’s Social media presence and growth

Emami scaled up Zanducare products by using social media as a key strategic decision by almost 18 times in 6 months which is huge and unmatched.

Zanducare is a health and wellness product of Emami which has been spending a major share in offline ways of marketing its product in the marketplace. During the global pandemic of COVID 19, looking at the crisis of retail, it was decided to go all out to create an online presence of the brand in a big way. Merkle Sokrati initiated the process of creating an online customer journey from the website, with end-to-end full-funnel paid advertising and audience strategies.

And this paid out well. Today, you can find exclusive deals, offers, and coupons for Zanducare products online. Not only do they make the brand have better sales, but they also help the consumer to save money and get their products delivered at their doorsteps.

The biggest challenge faced by Zanducare

Challenges are there with all the brands but with Zanducare, it was important to scale up at a constant rate while building individual product portfolios and shifting the customers the mindset of Zanducare from Zandu Balm to a wider range of healthcare products offered by the brand.

Facebook as a social media platform was leveraged to optimize the marketing spends following the real-time performance of the company’s objective. Hours were targeted to improve the efficiency of advertising spends. Campaigns were developed to fuel each funnel event and reduce CPMs. Not only did this help in promoting Zanducare, but this also significantly increased the sales for individual products in the Zanducare portfolio.

Personalized thematic communication

Thematic creatives were developed for the website to make the communication based on audience relevancy & recency and a variety of product sets were created for building and structuring product portfolios. A full marketing funnel was created by shifting the dependency on static creatives to dynamic or interactive creatives like video or Avs, etc. For top revenue-generating markets, vernacular ads were created to make the communication relevant and customer-friendly.

Zanducare put’s the consumer first

Marketing campaigns focused on new user acquisition and recency. The communication was initiated with catalogue sales to increase the relevancy of products shown at an overall level.

Regular (A/B) testing was conducted to leverage various levels at different intervals. The journey was initiated with the segmented approach to recognize the audience engagement level and to learn best-performing partners, based on which there was a focus on a particular niche to build individual product portfolios.

Targeted hours were utilized from best-performing hours of the day to improve the efficiency of ads as a part of the whole process.

With consumers becoming more technologically equipped and digitally active, the e-commerce window has opened up a world of new and latest opportunities. Customers’ shopping mindset and habits have undergone a huge shift over the past few years with online shopping and digital payment gaining popularity in the recent past. This change in the shopping pattern of customers requires companies to adapt quickly to the new trends and leverage them to the fullest. The company decided to partner with the Merkle Sokrati team for building an entirely end-to-end digital journey of customers for our Zanducare brand in order to create awareness and generate positive sales in less than a year. The brand has successfully kept the relevance and connectivity with today’s evolved consumers through Zanducare and feels proud about it.

Zanducare Revamp

The brand changeover was initiated as a buildup of integrated online or a digital customer journey for all the product portfolios in the year July 2020 and earned a 200% increment in revenue. With higher targets of revenue achievement and spends on a monthly basis, the account was scaled at a 54% increment every month with ROAS maintained consistently.

Let’s talk about one of the super hit products of Zandu, i.e., Zandu Balm.

The slogan of Zandu balm is Desh ka balm-Ek balm teen kaam in itself says it all. Zandu Balm has been a prefered choice of consumer for years and continues to enjoy its position as the market leader.

Zandu Balm Strengths

  • It’s a 100-year-old brand and has maintained its presence through these many years, thus has a kind of legacy and Indianness aligned to the brand and is very well accepted in the market by the customers.
  • Zandu is one of the power brands of Emami and has a leadership position in the product category, it ranked no. 3 in the OTC personal care category. This is as per brand equity most trusted brands.
  • Availability in smaller containers of 1.2 ml ensures customer affordability and wider reach to the last mile and all categories of customers.
  • Celebrity endorsements by people from diverse fields further strengthen the brand visibility and reliability in the market.
  • A strong distribution and availability due to the strong parent brand behind it.

Zandu Balm Weaknesses

  • It does not have any differentiating component which ensures an edge over its competitors, all of them claim to have the same methyl salicylate and herbal ingredients as Zandu.
  • Major impact on the brand image when Zandu was involved in controversies over copyright violation of Zandu balm with Dabangg. It gave it publicity but a negative one.
  • Emami’s own brand Mentho plus caters to the same category of the product giving rise to cannibalization.

Zandu Balm Opportunities

  • It has such intense emotional bonding with its customers that every single research on packaging throws back a creative that is closest to the original pack.
  • Malaika Arora did a special ad for Zandu, and the brand got benefited from the success of the movie Dabangg through here appearance and promotion of the brand.
  • Inactive lifestyles have created fresh demand for pain relievers.

Zandu Balm Threats

  • The Brand is moving towards becoming generic with such long years of existence in the marketplace. In 2010, the name being used in a movie song caused a lot of furors.
  • Pain relief sprays might act as substitutes going forward and hurt the entire category
  • Cheap imitation products in the market.

Contact Zanducare

E-mail ID:


Q. Zandu is an Indian company or an international company?

A. Zandu Realty Limited, originally known as Zandu Pharmaceutical Works Limited, is an international pharmaceutical company. The corporate office is based out of Mumbai. The company deals with manufacturing and dealing in ayurvedic and medicinal preparations as their core line of business.

Q. Is Zandu an Emami brand?

A. Zandu was acquired by Emami in the year 2008 for Rs730 crores. The merger of Zandu FMCG into Emami raised Rs. 310 crore through QIP.

Q. Is it possible to buy Zandu products online?

A. Zandu Care deals on online selling and is one of the best online ayurvedic retailers in India. Customers can easily buy a wide range of ayurvedic medicine and products for various health and lifestyle needs. Zandu as a brand has huge customer satisfaction.

Q. Can Ayurvedic medicines be sold online?

A. As a re-seller, if you only wish to sell Ayurvedic products, then a retailer license is required. For selling Zandu products through online and offline sales, only this trade license is required. Further to this, if the retailer is interested in applying for AYUSH retail license, it can only be done after incorporating itself as a legal business entity in India.

Q. How do I get AYUSH certified?

A. For AYUSH certification, you need to apply for authorization in order to affix the applicable certification mark on AYUSH products by the Certification body, in a prescribed format. You can download the format from the QCI website. Then submit the application form duly filled to the QCI secretariat for further processing.

Q. Which Zandu products build immunity?

A. Top 5 ayurvedic products that will boost your immunity forever are

  • Zandu Ayush Kwath Powder- This is enriched with four potent Ayurvedic components as Tulsi, Dalchini, Sunthi, and Krishna Marich.
  • Zandu Chirakin Tablet- This is again one of the best immunity boosters for all age-group
  • Zandu Amalaki, Zandu Giloy, and Zandu Asvagandha are three more products that boost up the immunity of people

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