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A 100% vegan, cruelty-free & wallet-friendly cosmetics brand, Disguise Cosmetics is a new entrant among India's indie beauty industry, but is already making waves with its premium quality products off A 100% vegan, cruelty-free & wallet-friendly cosmetics brand, Disguise Cosmetics is a new entrant am ... more
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Customer experience with Disguise Cosmetics

Aayushi Ramteke profile pic
Aayushi Ramteke at Disguise Cosmetics, Sector 29,  photos
Disguise creates cosmetics that celebrate real women who can't be defined by labels.\xa0I remember how in my childhood, my cousin and I would use all products in my mother's makeup kit whenever she wasn't at home. We sure did love makeup so much, experimenting with her red lipstick and powder, having our own little ramp walk as little models..😂 During college days, kajal and lipgloss were our best friends. Don't y'all agree? Growing up I have realized that makeup is not to mask your face but to enhance the beauty of it. I love how instantly makeup makes me feel confident and put together.
Recently, I came across this Indie brand called Disguise Cosmetics which is a 100% vegan and cruelty free brand, which means they do not test on their products on animals in the entire process and neither do they use animal products (eg- bees wax, honey, milk, etc.) They are PETA verified too. How great is that! A brand that cares about the environment is hard to find these days. Their products are quite affordable and best suited for all Indian skin tones, do give it a try!!! I personally am a fan of their feather Light matte liquid lipsticks💜😍.. they have fabulous shades to choose from which you can wear daily to office or college! #mymagicpin #mymagicpinbangalore #magicmakeup #beautybuzz #trydisguise #vegan #crueltyfree
Sejal Agrawal profile pic
Sejal Agrawal at Disguise Cosmetics, Sector 29,  photos
Related to my previous story wanna share experience with this photo as well. This is another photo of a fashion walk which I did this year at IILM college in this fashion walk also the makeup was done by my mother just cause I don't want any harmful products use on my skin and now I wanted to know what is healthy for my skin as well. There is so much wrong with that stigma. Make-up is so much more than just some products people put on their faces to look pretty. It is a form of self-expression. It is a lifestyle and a hobby that people find themselves lost in. Yesterday, I was introduced to Disguise Cosmetics by magicpin , who is PETA certified and are known for vegan and cruelty free products and that I found really great. Their products are made in such a way that they are suitable for Indian skin.
🌸As my skin is oily they have rainbow oil which I liked so much and is also suitable for dry skin as well.

🌸As I am very fond of putting kajal and liners they a multipurpose smudge-proof kajal that can be used as a kajal or liner both.

Go check out their website and Instagram handle..❤

#magicmakeupmeet #beautybuzz #trydisguise #vegan #crueltyfree

#mymagicpinjaipurcity #disguisecosmetics
Nitika Bansal profile pic
Nitika Bansal at Disguise Cosmetics, Sector 29,  photos
So had a very informative session / magicpin virtual meetup with Disguise cosmetics ! When theres so much cruelty around ; there is one make up brand which is cruelty free and vegan ! Yes its disguise cosmetics ! Crafted with care with research ; an ethical choice for everyone . Good for me ! Good for my environment. Started in April 2018 , products made for Indian skin. Brand made by real people for real people . Shades are easy to use and suits most of the skin tone . They have numerous lipsticks in which bullet lipsticks have like 14 shades ; feather lipstics have like 8 shades and rainbow oil which can be used as primer and is good for both dry and oily skin ; multistick which can be use as highlighters ; liners etc.; all day gel kal; smooth to use ; good for sensitive skin .

So no worries before selecting product ; using product and removing product !
Not to forget my first makeup product experience with a red lipstic from my mom's purse and I still have that pic . Red is always the best colour that suits everyone and every skin tone !

So as soon as the shipping starts in red zone I m super excited to use most of them and become more responsible !

#magicDCosmeticsMeet\xa0\xa0#beautybuzz\xa0#tryDisguise\xa0#vegan\xa0#crueltyfree #northernknights

Reena Jiwane profile pic
Reena Jiwane at Disguise Cosmetics, Sector 29,  photos
So,here is the story about me & my makeup ❤️

I started using makeup just like every young girl in my teenage. I use to experiment a lot with many cosmetic products & makeup.The main aim was to look prettier in college 😜.Little did I have knowledge about the brands,quality of products etc.

It was later as my age matured, I started understanding how important it is to use good quality of product.Good quality of products are not only good for our skin but also long lasting.

But,I was always concerned about the lipsticks I used.Is there any chemicals present in it?? What if I eat it and it reacts in my body?? As a girl I had many questions.

So,I started looking out for brands that I could trust on. Recently I got to know about ‘Disguise‘ brand. That even makeup products can be vegan & cruelity free.I somewhere felt safe to use their Lipsticks.I thought of giving it a try & purchased their makeup. And believe me,their makeup is not only vegan but also long lasting.Their is no adjustment in the quality.

#magicmakeupmeet #crueltyfree #beautybuzz #trydisguise #vegan #bumperhashtag #bumperhashtagfortheweek #mymagicpin #mymagicpinpune
Jyestha Arora profile pic
Jyestha Arora at Disguise Cosmetics, Sector 29,  photos
PART 1/2:
•Well some of the earliest makeup memories for all Indian kids would be annual functions. How many of you remember getting your makeup done by your teachers and ending up looking like a clown on stage? 🤣🤣
I certainly remember all of it and that would be my first makeup memory!

Of course when you are young, you don't experiment with products that much but as you start to grow old, the experimentation, variety, personal style and a lot of things pitch in including questioning the products you're already using so it's okay for a person to be clueless. However, I came across Disguise Cosmetics who not only produce vegan products but are certified by peta for their cruelty free products too. After interacting with their founder, I'm so keen to use the products and put up a final review for you guys.
Do check their instagram page and website for more details :')•

#beautybuzz #magicmakeupmeet #trydisguise #vegan #crueltyfree #fashionfind #fashionblogger #jaipurmagician #mymagicpinjaipur #mymagicpin
Pestolicious aka Vaani Sharma at Disguise Cosmetics, Sector 29,  photos

When was my first experience with makeup?
I'm sure all girls will have the same answer to this! Our mom's lipstick!
Since childhood I was fond of what my mom would apply or use. But she was always into lipsticks and kajals only. So I had my first experience with makeup when I took her lipstick and obviously painted my lips, face and mirror of course!

But makeup as such came into my life as late as last year. Instagram has had so many makeup influencers and I was hooked onto watching them everyday. How do they do this? Which blender are they using? Is it foundation or concealer? I had all sorts of doubt. Gradually I started learning about it and here I am one year later using all those fancy products on my face.

Since makeup became one of my daily routine I was really excited when I got to know Magicpin was hosting a makeup meet with Disguise Cosmetics. It was a really good session and also I got to know about a brand that has VEGAN and CRUELTY FREE products! It is an Indian brand that makes products especially for Indian skintone!

Do check their website & grab your favorite products!

#trydisguise #crueltyfree #vegan #NorthernKnights
Prerna R Nikam profile pic
Prerna R Nikam at Disguise Cosmetics, Sector 29,  photos
This party look was created for my friends cocktail party 🥳🎉
I tried this amazing cosmetic brand Disguise Cosmetics to create this gorgeous look 👩‍🎤💄
This indie brand made all its products considering the Indian skin tone 100%vegan & cruelty free.
Nothing can be more safe than this brand for my sensitive skin as it has no such ingredients worry about.
No damage to skin at all.
I loved the range of feather light matte lipshades.
Which you can wear daily for college & office as well.
They also have good range of Eyeliners in different colours.
gel kajal which is tested & claimed safe for eyes

Can't wait to flaunt more looks.
#beautybuzz #magicmakeupmeet #trydisguise #vegan #crueltyfree #beauty #beautyblogger #disguisecosmetics #mymagicpin
#mymagicpinbanglore #fashionmodel

Reema Khan profile pic
Reema Khan at Disguise Cosmetics, Sector 29,  photos
Recently, i placed an order from Disguise Cosmetics for a lipstick just for a trial and to my complete surprise the product was so nicely delivered.
It came in a box which was sealed properly, sanitized well and contactless delivery was followed.
Inside came a small sweet box which could be easily slide which consists of the lipstick having a magnetic case which is really innovative.
Along, came a thankyou note which was really sweet from their side and i feel happy i chose them. And a pallette with had all the matte shades from which i could decide for the next time.
* Loved their packaging.
* Innovative method of styling products.
* Contactless delivery.
* Updated about the product timely.
* Variety of products.
* Quality is super good.
Overall I am very satisfied with them.
#disguisecosmetics #onlineordered #safepackaging #fashiondelivery #amazingproducts #veganproducts #crueltyfree #magicpin
Jyestha Arora profile pic
Jyestha Arora at Disguise Cosmetics, Sector 29,  photos
PART 2/2
• Continuing the previous post story, as I grew up, I started discovering more & more brands that are really popular in India and have a good product range but it was only in recent times that I realised as to what my skin needs to remain healthy. Other than diet, what goes on your skin is really important too and to be able to judge that is a big deal.

However, with Disguise Cosmetics that isn't really a worry considering they're designed specially for Indian skins and more practical lifestyle. Their matte lipsticks & kajal both are very soothing in appearance and good for your skin at the same time. I wish to try their glow oil soon as now I know even people with oily & sensitive skin can use it. •

P.s. please see both the posts fam for it to make sense xD 💛

#beautybuzz #fashionfind #disguise #vegan #crueltyfree #mymagicpinjaipurcity #magicmakeupmeet #trydisguise
surbhi nisal profile pic
surbhi nisal at Disguise Cosmetics, Sector 29,  photos
@Magicpin arranged a very informative and interesting session with @disguisecosmetics
I was very happy to know about this brand !!
Here are few reasons why
Made in India.
It's vegan & cruelty free.
Safe for skin.
For now they have a very nice range of lipshades - bullet lipstick and feather light liquid lipstick.
Also I loved their multistick- yes a stick that can be used as a eyeshadow , eyeliner , lipliner , highlighter.
Isn't it a all in one product 😍 like a must have 💯
One more product that's quite essential as a part of skin care is their rainbow oil- it's a all purpose oil/ serum .
One can use it as a primer before makeup or in skincare regime.
Last bt not the least Kajal .
Even if we don't apply makeup everyday we surely apply kajal and lipstick very lightly for college or work.
So I guess this is a very good brand that you can include in your personal makeup kit 💗

#magicMakeupMeet #beautybuzz #tryDisguise #vegan #creultyfree #makeup #makeup
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