The House of Makeba

Delivery Only . Cost for two: ₹500

Delivery Only Cost for two: ₹500

Ambli Bopal, Ahmedabad.

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Party Special Combos

Flavors Of The Season

Tadke Wala Lilva Hummus With Fresh Meethi Falafal Pita Platter image
Amritsari Shakharkand With Garlic Yoghurt Cream image
Paneer Meethi Tikka image
Paneer Meethi Tikka


Paneer marinated in a blend of hung curd infused with meethi flavor, c
Thotha With Masala Bao Platter image
Ajmeri Kadhi With Samosa image
Sarso Saag Tandoori Lolipop With Beetroot Onion Lacha image
Chicken Stuffed Litti Chauka image

Salads (280 Gms)

No Myth Greek Salad image
No Myth Greek Salad


Savor the freshness and goodness of our Wholesome Salad. A delightful
The Hippie (High Protein) image
Beetroot Orange Feta Salad With Caramelised Walnut image
Makeba Energy Bowl image
Makeba Energy Bowl


Elevate your energy with our nourishing and delicious bowl. Made with
Veg Classic Caesar Salad image
Chicken Classic Caesar Salad image
Its Just A Chicken Thing image

Halka Fulka (180 Gms)

Cheese Nachos image
Cheese Nachos


Crispy Nachos loaded with melted cheese and topped with sour cream for
Cheese Garlic Gratin Bread image
Veg Grande Nachos image
Veg Grande Nachos


Crispy tortilla chips loaded with beans, corn, jalapenos, cheese, and

Chaats & Fries (200 Gms)

Honey Chilly Fries image
Honey Chilly Fries


Drizzle your taste buds with our Honey Chilly Fries, tossed in a sweet
Classic French Fries image
Classic French Fries


Golden and crispy on the outside, fluffy on the inside, our Classic Fr
Cheese Garlic French Fries image
Peri Peri French Fries image
Makebas New York Fries image

Global Appetizers (220 Gms)

Dynamite Paneer image
Dynamite Paneer


Experience the explosion of flavors with our Dynamite Paneer, a fusion
Classic Mezze Platter image
Veg Hot Garlic Siracha Tossed Momos image
Mexican Platter image
Mexican Platter


Take a culinary journey south of the border with our Mexican Platter!
Water Chestnuts & Baby Corn In Plum Sauce image
Szechuan Yellow Cheddar Garlic Bread image
Cajun Spiced Grilled Chicken image
Dynamite Chicken image
Dynamite Chicken


Experience the explosion of flavors with our Dynamite Chicken, a mouth
Korean Wings image
Korean Wings


Get ready for a flavor explosion with our Korean Wings! Each crispy wi
Drums Of Heaven image
Drums Of Heaven


Indulge in the heavenly taste of our Drums of Heaven, where succulent
Peri Peri Fried Chicken image
Chicken Hot Garlic Siracha Tossed Momo image
American Lord Of The Makeba image

Indian Appetizes & Tandoor Se (250 Gms)

Tandoori Paneer Tikka image
Tandoori Soya Chaap image
Tandoori Soya Chaap


Flavours Available - Achari/ Pahadi/ Classic\n\nEnjoy the perfect vege
Veg Tandoori Momos image
Veg Tandoori Momos


Satisfy your cravings for both momos and tandoori flavors with our Veg
Peri Peri Paneer Tikka image
Stuffed Mix Veg Kebab image
Tandoori Chicken Tikka image
Chicken Tandoori Momos image

Pizza By The Bae (9 Inch)

Veggie Fiesta Pizza image
Veggie Fiesta Pizza


Thin Crust Pizza Base Topped With Fresh Exotic Veggies From The Farms,
Greek Sesame Pizza image
Greek Sesame Pizza


A crispy thin crust brushed with olive oil, crowned with Broccoli, Bab
Paneer Peri Peri Pizza image
Cheesy 7 Pizza image
Cheesy 7 Pizza


Our Cheesy 7 Pizza is a cheese lover\'s dream, topped with a delightfu
Classic Margherita image
Classic Margherita


Our Classic Margherita Pizza is a deliciously simple thin crust pizza
Spicy Bbq Chicken Pizza image
Chicken Peri Peri Pizza image
Chicken Tandoori Tantra Pizza image

Kids Menu

Kids Blue Berry Shake (200 Ml) image
Kids French Fries image
Kids Chocolate Shake (200 Ml) image
Kids Fruit Shake (200 Ml) image
Kids Cheese Jam Sandwich image
Kids Mini Cheesy Pizza image
Kids Vanilla Shake (200 Ml) image
Kids Kitkat Shake (200 Ml) image
Kids Fresh Seasonal Juice (200 Ml) image
Kids Khichdi image
Kids Khichdi


Lenthils & Rice Tempered With Ghee,Jeera, Turmeric & Salt.
Kids Nachos image
Kids Nachos


Plain Corn Nachos Along With Chocolate Sauce & Cheese Sauce.
Kids Toddler Toast Platter image

Pasta (450 Gms)

Veg Basil Pesto Pasta image
Veg Aglio E Olio Pasta image
Veg Pasta Marinara image
Veg Pasta Marinara


Indulge in the classic taste of Italy with our Veg Pasta Marinara, fea
Indias Favourite Pasta Veg image
Veg Alfredo Pasta image
Veg Alfredo Pasta


Experience the creamy indulgence of our Veg Alfredo Pasta, featuring p
Indias Favourite Pasta Non Veg image
Non Veg Alfredo Pasta image
Non Veg Veg Basil Pesto Pasta image

Main Course (450 Gms)

Cottage Cheese Makhani Canneloni image
Murg Roll Masala image
Murg Roll Masala


Murg Roll Masala is a spicy and flavorful chicken dish from Indian cui
Makebas Paneer Lazeez image
Double Tadka Dal image
Double Tadka Dal


A traditional Indian dish that features a delicious combination of len
Lahori Rogani Kofta image
Lahori Rogani Kofta


Savor the rich and flavorful taste of our Veg Lahori Rogani Kofta, fea
Dal Makhani image
Dal Makhani


Savor the creamy and aromatic flavors of our Dal Makhani, a classic No
Makebas Paneer Toofani image
Dal Dhaba image
Dal Dhaba


Indulge in the rustic and wholesome flavors of our Dal Dhaba, a tradit
Cheese Butter Masala image
Cheese Butter Masala


Experience the ultimate comfort food with our Cheese Butter Masala, fe
Murg Musallam image
Murg Musallam


Murg Musallam is a popular North Indian dish made with a chicken that
Tadka Chicken Masala image
Tadka Chicken Masala


Experience the bold and spicy flavors of our Tadka Chicken Masala, chi
Rajasthani Laal Maas image
Chicken Changezi image
Chicken Changezi


Chicken Changezi is a popular North Indian dish named after changez kh
Butter Chicken image
Butter Chicken


Indulge in the creamy and luxurious flavors of our Butter Chicken, fea
Himachali Chicken Curry image
Chicken Bhuna Masala image
Chicken Bhuna Masala


Chicken Bhuna Masala is a popular North Indian dish made with chunks a

Breads (60 Gms)

Butter Roti image
Butter Roti


Our Butter Tandoori Roti is a delicious variation of the classic India
Cheese Garlic Naan image
Cheese Garlic Naan


Cheese Garlic Naan is a popular Indian bread made with all-purpose flo
Butter Naan image
Butter Naan


Indulge in the rich and buttery flavor of our freshly baked Butter Naa
Lachha Paratha image
Lachha Paratha


Enjoy the crispy and flaky layers of our Lachha Paratha, freshly made
Plain Roti image
Plain Roti


Our Plain Tandoori Roti is a traditional Indian bread that is baked to
Plain Naan image
Plain Naan


Our Plain Naan is a soft, fluffy Indian bread that is baked to perfect
Garlic Naan image
Garlic Naan


Soft and fluffy bread baked to perfection with fresh garlic and butter
Cheese Naan image
Cheese Naan


A cheesy twist on the classic naan bread, filled with melted cheese an

Rice Bowls (500 Gms)

Tex Mex Hot Pot Veg image
Tex Mex Hot Pot Veg


Spicy and flavorful veg Tex-mex hot pot, filled with vegetables, beans
Veg Heritage Hyderabadi Biryani image
Veg Green Thai Curry Rice image
Mexican Veg Bowl image
Mexican Veg Bowl


Mexican Veg Bowl is a delicious and healthy dish that includes a combi
Veg Makebas Dum Biryani image
Jeera/steam Rice Jeera/Steam Rice (250 Grams) image
Non Veg Makebas Dum Biryani image
Grilled Chicken & Beetroot Rice With Non Veg Moilee Gravy image
Tex Mex Hot Pot Non Veg image
Non Veg Heritage Hyderabadi Biryani image

Beverages (320 ML)

Flavored Lemonade image
Flavored Lemonade


Sip on the perfect summer drink with our Flavoured Lemonade, made with
Aerated Water (300 Ml) image

Cold Coffee & Frappe (320 ML)

Cold Coffee image
Cold Coffee


Refresh yourself with our Cold Coffee - a chilled and creamy blend of

Hot Coffee & Hot Chocolate (180 ML)

Hot Chocolate image
Hot Chocolate


Indulge in the creamy and comforting taste of our Hot Chocolate - a de
Mochaccino Hot Coffee image

Makebas Mocktails (300 ML)

Mojito image


Enjoy the same refreshing taste of our classic Mojito without the alco
Blue Breeze image
Blue Breeze


Sip on our Blue Breeze for a cool and refreshing experience! Made with

Boba Drinks (Bubble Bar) (280 ML)

Watermelon Boba Twist image
Blueberry Bubbly Magic image
Peach Bubble Ice Tea image
Peach Bubble Ice Tea


Indulge in the refreshing taste of Peach Bubble Ice Tea - a perfect bl
Makeba Special Popping Bubbles image
Kiwi Cooler Popping Boba image

Thick Shakes (320 ML)

Oreo Thick Shakes image
Oreo Thick Shakes


Savor the irresistible taste of our Oreo Thick Shakes - a creamy and d
Kitkat Thick Shakes image
Kitkat Thick Shakes


Satisfy your sweet tooth with our Kitkat Thick Shakes - a creamy and d
Rasmalai Rasbhari image
Rasmalai Rasbhari


Indulge in the rich and creamy taste of our Rasmalai Rasbhari Thicksha
Ferrero Rocher Thick Shake image
Tiramisu Thick Shake image
Tiramisu Thick Shake


Experience the classic Italian dessert in a whole new way with our Tir

Kombuchas By Gut It Right (250 ML)

Apple?&?Rosemary Kombucha image
Goji Berries & Ginger Kombucha image
Juniper Berries & Pomegranate Kombucha image
Rose, Hibiscus & Lime Kombucha image

Iced Tea, Chai & Green Tea (320 ML)

Iced Tea image
Iced Tea


Quench your thirst with our Iced Tea - a cool and refreshing blend of



Unit: 304, 3rd Floor, Xperia, Opposite Radhe Fortune, Near Bhat Circle, SP Ring Road, Ahmedabad, PRL Colony, Ambli Bopal, Ahmedabad Get Directions merchant position google map link
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