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We are on a mission to make local magical, by creating online communities of users and merchants that drive and visually capture the buzz, activity, events and transactions in a locality.

We operate in the $1T (by 2020) offline retail market in India. This is a market that is 100x the size of ecommerce in India and constitutes of millions of merchants providing services like restaurants, fashion, spa, beauty, yoga, sports, gym, etc. This market is ripe to get disrupted as internet users in India move towards 600M by 2018.

Magicpin is the platform where users and merchants in a locality discover, interact and transact. For merchants, we are the go-to platform for spotlighting their uniqueness while boosting their revenues and utilization through real-time promotions, loyalty programmes and content updates. For users, we are the destination to find out the buzz in their locality and discover interesting people to connect with and events / merchants to go to.

For every visit you make to a magicpin partner outlet, you get free cashback in magicpin points.

Visit magicpin partner outlets, purchase and upload your selfie || Win free attractive cashbacks, discounts as magicpin points || Redeem magicpin points for more goodies.


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Our focus is the youth of India that is independent, confident and expressive. Through magicpin, they create a visual timeline of local activities, search for deals and events around them, browse activity timelines of merchants and other users and like/comment on the posts on these timelines. There is a rich and vibrant life in the local markets around our homes / offices and magicpin offers the best way to discover and experience it on the mobile phone.

To our users, we provide:

  • Discovery: Trending events, interesting people and relevant activities around your locality
  • Recognition: Get followers, likes and comments for your taste in local activites
  • Savings: Through merchants, rewards programmes specially designed for magicpin users
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India is a country of 20M+ merchants who have a big role in defining their respective localities. magicpin helps merchants bring out their uniqueness through content and visual activity timelines of their customers. In addition, merchants run reward programmes that help activate new and engage existing customers. With magicpin, merchants can now focus on delivering a great service to their customers, while magicpin amplifies the word-of-mouth to build an ever increasing demand for them.

To our merchants, we provide:

  • A visual referral network: brings out their uniqueness and gets the merchant's customers to spread the word for them
  • New customer acquisition: to both new and established merchants
  • Increase in utilization: build transactions in off-peak hours, liquidate excess inventory, etc.
  • Customer engagement: to bring back existing customers more often
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Backed by

Lightspeed is a three decade old Silicon Valley based venture capital fund with over USD 3B in assets under management across US, Israel, China and India. Consumer investments include Snapchat, Living Social, Nest, Playdom, etc.

Magicpin team backed by
Launchpad Accelerator (2016)

Launchpad Accelerator (2016)

Google Launchpad Accelerator provides successful early stage businesses with technology and expertise necessary to scale. Magicpin was the youngest startup internationally selected for this program.



  • Team:
    Collaborate, help, have fun

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    Question status quo, be creative, think out-of-the-box

  • Magicpin life image 3

    Say what you think, take hard decisions

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    Listen, seek to understand, insatiable appetite to learn

  • Courage:
    Say what you think, take hard decisions

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  • Magicpin life image 6

    Take initiatives, own your tasks, get stuff done

  • Integrity:
    Do the right thing, be transparent

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  • Empathy:
    Have respect for customers, merchants and team

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  • Magicpin life image 11

    Do the right thing, be transparent

  • Curiosity:
    Listen, seek to understand, insatiable appetite to learn

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  • Magicpin life image 13

    Have respect for customers, merchants and team

  • Ownership:
    Take initiatives, own your tasks, get stuff done

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  • Magicpin life image 15

    Collaborate, help, have fun

  • Innovation:
    Question status quo, be creative, think out-of-the-box

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We are a highly driven team with rich and varied background from IITs, IIMs and other reputed colleges. Between us, we have built and scaled high performance teams from scratch, built technology solutions that impact lives and advised leading corporates on strategy and operations. We have also been an integral part of India’s startup journey having worked in leading VCs and led investments in several early stage startups in India like Delhivery, Housing, TinyOwl, LimeRoad, Freshmenu, CraftsVilla, OneAssist.

Join Us

Our work culture empowers the individual - gives you the independence and the space to explore, challenge, critique and learn. If you are seeking an opportunity where you can apply your skills and enhance your learning in an open, collaborative and challenging environment, then reach out to us.


We believe that we are forming a cult here and would like more like minded people in the country to come and be a part of it.

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What we are looking for in the next person who joins us:

  • Strong foundation in core computer science concepts.
  • Bias to action, a hacker's mindset - finding ways to crack the problem at hand, not resting till it is done.
  • Love for coding. A weekend spent learning a new language or library would be a weekend well-spent.
  • Love for learning.
  • Ownership of our work and delivering comprehensively.
  • We don’t consider number of years to be a true indicator of experience; some people achieve in 6 months what others take 6 years to achieve.
  • Ability to work across the stack (Java, Android, Python, PHP, MySQL, Solr, Kafka/Storm, XMPP) would be a big advantage. However, even if you’re comfortable with any one component, and have a desire to learn, you are golden.
  • A penchant to lead other engineers, good communication skills, and ability to deliver, would put you in the team/module lead zone.

What would a typical week in the shoes of a developer, look like:

  • Discuss the spec with the Product Manager (which could very well be one of the founders). Understand the problem being solved. Question why a certain approach is being taken. Bring a fresh perspective to the table. Be aware. Convince, or get convinced.
  • Look at the design mockups (or wireframes). Understand the user interactions that need to be put in place. Fill the gaps intelligently, which means we won’t be speccing out the obvious stuff (form validations, error messages, standard UI transitions, etc).
  • Visualise and architect the solution in your head as well on internal wiki and engage a second pair of eyes to review it — DB schema, API endpoints, test coverage, workflows. Break it down into development sprints. Estimate the timelines for each sprint.
  • Get shit done. Reasonably on time without missing the established best practices.
  • Run the test-suite. Make sure you don’t break the build.
  • Raise a Pull Request on Git (Bitbucket). Get someone to review your code.
  • Finally, push to production. And cross your fingers :)

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You will be the face of magicpin and the friend, philosopher and guide to our merchant partners. Every day will be unique and interesting. You will be convincing new partners and working with the existing ones to drive greater business. You will experience the high of seeing magicpin make a positive impact on the lives of millions of merchants and be the key architect behind enabling it. The adrenalin rush of achieving targets, building and selling solutions and seeing hyper growth will make you feel at home!


Working closely with users and knowing their behaviors, reactions & expectations is the most enticing part for experience design.

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Design at magicpin has been a similar journey, where knowing your user groups and creating enchanting User experience has been the objective. We work closely with design centric product teams and focus on creating great experiences. Creating an engaging, entertaining & social experience has been our common goal.

We believe that design is an iterative process and we refine our design based on feedback from users & stakeholders. It is a joy to see your work getting evaluated with users and evolving with time. You always learn and gather new stories from such experiences.

So here is what we are looking for: strong visual or interaction design skills - or ideally, a combination of both along with 3+ years of relevant experience in design for web & mobile apps. UX designers take ownership within the products, so strong communication skill, ability to rationalize and articulate their designs and represent their work with confidence is an absolute necessity.

We are building a disruptive local social experience and would love to connect with enthusiastic and driven designers who want to explore this path with us.

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As part of the Product team at magicpin, you will be responsible to actively sculpt, refine, simplify, stress test and improve the vision.

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You will be
(1) developing and implementing product strategies,
(2) working closely with the Technology team to define product release requirements, and
(3) building and constantly improving the product through constant measurement of funnel performance, industry experience and feedback from customers/merchant partners.

Most importantly, you will be getting stuff done. After all, PMs that don’t ship product aren’t PMs, they’re just people with nice ideas! We seek out for PMs who are consumer focused, know how to leverage technology and can generate insights to evolve the vision they own.

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You will be key to building the people and process backbone that will drive efficiency and scale of magicpin. Typical day will involve closely tracking key business metrics, coaching and mentoring your team, re-defining processes to match the demand and smart use of technology to scale non-linearly. If you love dealing with ambiguity, fanatic pace of work, working with smart and ambitious people and a strong bias for action, you will love it here!

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