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Best Restaurants in Connaught Place (CP), New Delhi
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Ritvik Sinha 26 Mar 2024

I recently tried the Gooey Fudgy Brownie Sundae at Cafe Coffee Day and it was absolutely delicious! Not only was it a treat for my taste buds, but it was also a healthier option compared to other decadent desserts. The brownie itself was packed with rich chocolate flavor and the ice cream on top was a perfect balance of creamy and refreshing. I appreciate the portion size and the fact that it was made with quality ingredients. Highly recommend for anyone looking for a guilt-free

Abdul Qadir 18 May 2024

I recently visited Castles Barbeque and was pleasantly surprised by their Celebration Veg Box. As someone who prefers healthy options, I always appreciate restaurants that offer nutritious choices. I also frequently share my food diary on social platforms, and I must say, this box was definitely worth showcasing. The vegetables were cooked to perfection and were bursting with flavor. The nutritional content of the meal was impressive, and I think it's something that sets this establishment apart. Overall, I highly recommend Castles Barbe

Riya Singh 26 Mar 2024

Biryani Badshah is a great option for those following a Keto diet. The Chicken Parota Combo, made with low carb ingredients, is a must-try. The parota is perfectly cooked and the chicken is tender and flavorful. As a Keto diet enthusiast, I appreciate the variety of options available on the menu. I have recommended this restaurant to all my Keto friends. Their commitment to offering Keto-friendly meals is reflected in the taste and quality of their dishes. Don't forget to try

Habiba Subzwari 30 Apr 2024

Andhra Kodi Pulao offers delicious late-night snacks that are perfect for fueling those late-night study sessions. The Chicken 65 dish was particularly good, with tender and flavorful chicken. Delivery time was also impressive, with the food arriving fresh and hot. I highly recommend this restaurant for anyone looking for a tasty and convenient late-night snack option.

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