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Delivery Only . Cost for two: ₹500

Delivery Only Cost for two: ₹500

Gurukul, Ahmedabad.

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Delivery: 50-55 mins

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Farali Shravan Special

2 Slice Grilled Sandwich

Peri Peri Veggie Grill Sanwich image
Schezwan Grill Sandwich image
Russio Grill Sandwich image
Pesto Basil Veggie Grill Sandwich image
Spicy Red Pepper Grill Sandwich image
Cheese Chilli Mayo Grill Sandwich image
Coleslaw Grill Sandwich image
Mexican Grill Sandwich image
Tandoori Paneer Grill Sandwich [Jain] image
Cheesy Blast Grill Sandwich image

3 Slice Club Sandwich

Mushroom Veg Mayo Grill Sandwich image
Paneer Exotica Grill Sandwich image
Amdavadi Hits Sandwich image
American Club Grill Sandwich image
Italian Club Grill Sandwich image
Junglee Paneer Grill Sandwich image
Chipotle Grill Sandwich image
European Grill Sandwich image
House Of Cheese Club Sandwich image
Paneer Chapata Grill Sandwich image
Bombay Club Grill Sandwich image


Butter Chutney Sing Sev Slice image
Cheese Pineapple And Chocolate Sandwich image
Cheese Chutney Sandwich image
Aloo Veg Mix Sandwich image
Vegetable Sandwich image
Vegetable Sandwich


(Tomato, Cucumber, Potato, Onion, Beet, Chutney, Butter Toppings: Sasu
Butter Sing Sev Sandwich image
Butter Chutney Sing Sev Sandwich image
Butter Jam Sandwich image
Bread Butter Sandwich image
Aloo Mutter Sandwich image
Butter Chutney & Potato Sandwich image
Cheese Pineapple Sandwich image
Cheese Chocolate Sandwich image

Burger & Franky

Peri Peri Burger image
Peri Peri Burger


[Onion, Capcicum, Paneer, Peri Peri Masala, Mayonise, Peri - Peri Mayo
Cheese Chilli Paneer Frankie image
Tandoori Paneer Tadka Frankie image
Tandoori Burger image
Tandoori Burger


[Onion, Capcicum, Tomato, Cucumber, Tandoori Mayo, Burger Tikki & Chee
Pizza Punch Frankie image
Aloo Tikki Burger image
Veggie Delight Frankie image
Spicy Schezwan Frankie image
Veg Burger image
Veg Burger


[Mayonise Sauce, Thousand Island Sauce, Green Chutney, Cucumber, Tomat
Cheese Chilli Corn Frankie image


Cottage Cheese Momos image
Corn & Cheese Momos image
Spicy Veggi Momos image
Spicy Veggi Momos


Carot, Cabbage, Spring Onion, Green Chillie, Red Chillie, Sweet Corn
Cheesylicious Momos image
Original Veggi Momos image

Special Puff

Cheese Garlic Puff image
Cheese Garlic Puff


[Mayonnaise, Garlic, Red Chutney, Capsicum, Onion, Chilli Flex, Oregan
Thousand Island Puff image
Peri Peri Mayo Puff image
Special Grill Puff image
Special Grill Puff


[Tomato , chopped Onion, Capsicum , Green Chutney , Garlic Chutney and
Cheese Chilli Mayo Puff image
Mayonnaise Puff image
Mexican Puff image
Mexican Puff


[Mexican Salsa Sauce, Mexican Beans, Capsicum, Onion, Chilli Flax, Ora
Veg. Puff image
Veg. Puff


Green Chutney, Chopped Onion, Tomato Sauce, Sev]
Schezwan Puff image
Schezwan Puff


[Chef's Special][Schezwan Sause, Capsicum, Onion, Toppins : Mayonnies]
Chipotle Mayo Puff image
Tandoori Paneer Puff image
Cheese Jalapeno Puff image

Coffee & Milkshakes

Cold Coco image
Cold Coco


[Milk, Coco Powder, Chocolate Pieces, Ice]
Chocolate Milkshake image
Cold Coffee image
Cold Coffee


[Milk, Cold Coffee Powder, Sugar, Ice]
Oreo Milk Shake image
Blue Berry Milk Shake image
Mango Milk Shake image
Banana Milk Shake image
Caramel Cold Coffee image
Bournvitta Crusher image
Bournvitta Crusher


[Ice Cream, Milk, Sugar, Ice, Bornvita Powder, Side Spread, Chocolate,
Choco Chips Milk Shake image
Choco Brownie Milk Shake image
Hazelnut Cold Coffee image
Coffee With Brownie image
Strawberry Milk Shake image
Butter Scotch Milk Shake image
Kit Kat Milk Shake image
Rose Milk Shake image
Chiku Milk Shake image
Bournvitta Cold image
Bournvitta Cold


[Ice Cream, Milk, Sugar, Ice, Bornvita Powder, Side Spread, Chocolate,
Kaju Anjeer Milk Shake image
Coffee Choco Mix image
Coffee Choco Mix


[Ice Cream, Milk, Ice, Coffee, Chocolate, Drinking Powder]

Mocktails & Ice Tea

Cranberry Mojito image
Lemon Ice Tea image
Lemon Ice Tea


300 ML[Lemon, Drinking Powder, Ice, Phudina]
Green Apple Mojito image
Peach & Passion Ice Tea image
Watermelon Mojito image
Mint Mojito image
Mint Mojito


300 ML[Mint Syrup, Soda, Sprite, Ice, Lemon, Phudina]
Blue Curacao Mojito image
Blue Curacao Mojito


300 MLBlue Curacao Syrup, Mojito Syrup, Lime Juice, Pudina, Soda, Ice,

Thickshakes & Thick Coffee

Oreo Thickshake image
Dry Fruit Thickshake image
Blue Berry Thickshake image
Kit Kat Thickshake image
Strawberry Thickshake image
Butter Scotch Thickshake image
Rose Thickshake image
Choco Chips Thickshake image
Choco Brownie Thickshake image
Mango Thickshake image
Thick Cold Coffee image
Thick Cappuccino Cold Coffee image
Chocolate Thickshake image
Thick Caramel Cold Coffee image
Thick Bournvitta Crusher image
Thick Coffee With Brownie image
Kaju Anjeer Thickshake image
Thick Coffee Choco Mix image
Thick Bournvitta Cold image
Thick Hazelnut Cold Coffee image

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06 May 2024

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Sandwich Pizza Burger




Neelkamal Snacks And Coffee Bar,GF- 1, Gurukul, Gurukul, Ahmedabad Get Directions merchant position google map link


Sandwich Pizza Burger


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