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Delivery Only Cost for two: ₹500

Satellite, Ahmedabad.

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Salted Fries image
Salted Fries


Crispy, Salty, Golden-Brown & Addictively Delicious.

Stick Waffles

Nutella Suprise Waffle image
Milk Chocolate Waffle image
Black And White Chocolate Waffle image
Kikkat Blast Waffle image
Ferrero Rocher Waffle image
Dark Chocolate Waffle image
Oreo Bliss Waffle image
Brownie Heaven Waffle image
Triple Chocolate Waffle image

Bis Cute Shakes

Lotus Biscoff Shake image
Lotus Biscoff Shake


I Am Creamy, Crumble, Indulgent, And A Sweet Biscoff Milkshake Treat.
Oreo Shake image
Oreo Shake


I Am No Wonder That People Are So Fond Of Flavorful Oreo Milkshake.
Bourbon Love Shake image
Parle G Shake


I Am Sure To Kindle Fond Childhood Memories.

Cool Coffee

Classic Cold Coffee image
Classic Cold Coffee


Frosty And Satisfying Cold Coffee Shake Is A Fantastic Treat To Enjoy
Oreo Coffee image
Oreo Coffee


Crunchy Oreo Mixed With Coffee Flavor. Ah! It Is What It Is!
Choco Coffee image
Choco Coffee


A Mixture Of Ice Cream Cocoa Powder, Instant Coffee Powder, Choco Syru
Hazelnut Cold Coffee image
Hazelnut Cold Coffee


A Refreshing Treat Of Hazelnut-Flavored Coffee Shake Will Hit Just The
Irish Cold Coffee


Boozy Irish Coffee Milkshakes Are The Perfect Grown-Up Treat For A Hec
Popcorn Cold Coffee


This Drink Is A Caramel Latte Topped With Caramel Popcorn, But Itaes M
Tiramisu Cold Coffee


Itaes An Incredible Blend Of Tiramisu Flavor And Luscious Creaminess I

Our Shakesee Special [SK]

Brownut Shake


This is a creamy peanut butter with brownie shake, drizzled with choco
Kaju Gulkand Shake


Creamy and delicious, unique flavoured shake, with loads of rose flavo
Cookie Lovers Shake


Satisfy your sweet tooth with this dreamy cookies shake that is fun bl
Double Nutty Shake


Healthy, refreshing nutty shake is a combination of assorted ground nu

Paneer Shots

Tandoori Masala Paneer Fry Shots (400Gm) image
Peri Peri Masala Paneer Fry Shots (400Gm) image
Schezwan Paneer Fry Shots (400Gm) image
Butter Masala Paneer Fry Shots (400Gm) image
Veg Mix Paneer Fry Shots (400Gm) image

Maggi Lover

Special Cheese Maggi (400Gm) image
Onion Tomato Maggi (400Gm) image
Cheese Butter Tadka Maggi (400Gm) image
Special Schezwan Tadka Maggi (400Gm) image
Cheese Onion Maggi (400Gm) image
Veg. Butter Masala Maggi (400Gm) image
Sp. Shakesee Maggi (400Gm) image
Masala Maggi (400Gm) image
Veg. Butter Tadka Maggi (400Gm) image
Veg. Tadka Maggi (400Gm) image
Peri Peri Cheese Maggi (400Gm) image

Maggi Bhajiya

Mix Loaded Maggi Bhajiya (8-9 Pcs) image
Veg Maggi Bhajiya (8-9 Pcs) image
Cheese Maggi Bhajiya (8-9 Pcs) image

All Time Favorite Shakes [SK]

Black Currant Shake image
Black Currant Shake


Pamper Your Taste Buds With The Tangy, Sweet And Fresh Taste Of Blackc
Ferrero Rocher Shake image
Ferrero Rocher Shake


It Is A Creamy Shake With The Subtle Flavours Of Hazelnut And Chocolat
Crunchy Kit Kat Shake image
Thandai Shake image
Thandai Shake


Thandai Is A Healthy And Delicious Made With The Goodness Of Nuts, See
Chocolate Chips Shake image
Nutella Shake image
Nutella Shake


Calling All Nutella Lovers!! This Creamy Milkshake Is For The All Of T
Brownie Shake


A delicious chocolate fudge brownie milkshake! Made from a mixture of
Paan Shake


Every Sip Of This Aromatic Drink Will Send A Lovely Tingle Down Your S
Vanilla Shake


Worldaes Favorite Milkshake, Is A Smooth And Creamy Concoction Of Vani
Chocolate Shake


Name Itself Makes Shake Flowing In The Mouth This Milkshake Is Fantabu


Special Shakesee Fries image
Tandoori Fries image
Tandoori Fries


Its A Super Fries Loaded With Tandoori Sauce Which Is Flavorful And Le
Peri Peri Cheese Fries image
Chilly And Salted Fries image
Schezwan Fries image
Schezwan Fries


Along With French Fries, A Bit Tangy And Schezwan Flovoured Sauce To M
Peri Peri Fries image
Peri Peri Fries


Crispy Fries, Sprinkled With A Peri Peri Seasoning.
Salted Fries image
Salted Fries


Crispy, Salty, Golden-Brown & Addictively Delicious.
Cheesy Fries


This Cheesy Fries Take It To The Next Level. They Are Like A Big, Warm

Freaky Shakesee

Brownie Fudge Freak Shake image
Oreo Freak Shake image
Oreo Freak Shake


Oreo Thickshake With Cream Filling To Take It Over-The-Top And Make It
Nutella Fudge Shake image
Nutella Fudge Shake


It Is A Remarkable Heavy Duty Nutella Shake Served With So Much Love O
Chocolate Monster Shake image
Shakesee Special Shake image
Rainbow Freak Shake


This Unicorn Freakshake Will Have You Dreaming Of Fairytale Lands Wher

Fruit Shakes

Strawberry Shake image
Strawberry Shake


Strawberry Milkshake Prepared With Milk, Ice Cream And Your Favorite S
Sitaphal Shake image
Sitaphal Shake


Prepared With Chilled Milk, Sitaphal And Vanilla Ice Cream That Will G
Mango Shake


Mango Shake Is A Cool And Tempting Fruit Drink Prepared By Simply Blen
Pineapple Shake


Pineapple Shake, A Sweet And Tempting Combination Of Pineapple, Vanill
Banana Shake


Banana Milkshake Is An All-Time Favourite Milkshake. Super Delicious,
Chikoo Shake


Chikoo Shake Is One Delicious And A Healthy Shake That Never Miss Duri

Beverages [SK]

Strawberry Iced Tea image
Strawberry Iced Tea


Strawberry Iced Tea Is The Perfect Beverage To Whip Up When You Want S
Lemon Mint Iced Tea image
Lemon Mint Iced Tea


It'S Fresh, Minty, And Bright. When Poured Over Ice The Glass Gets All
Orange Iced Tea image
Orange Iced Tea


Orange Iced Tea Is A Refreshing Iced Tea Packed With The Flavor Of Fre
Pineapple Iced Tea image
Pineapple Iced Tea


This Pineapple Iced Tea Immediately Boosts Spirits As It Evokes A Trop



Gf 05, Vraj Complex, opp. Ashok Nagar, near Prernatirth Derasar Road, Vraj Vihar 3, Satellite, Ahmedabad, Gujarat 380015, Satellite, Ahmedabad Get Directions merchant position google map link
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