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Mohit Pandey at Grand Bazaar, Sector 40, Gurgaon

Mohit Pandey

#GroceryAlert Shopping from #GrandBazaar has always been one of the best experience in Sector 40 gurugram. the staff where is very polite friendly and know the exact location of the product you ask them for. The only constraint is time because you have to wait for your billing due to heavy Rush on weekends specially. They offer some good discounts when you buy products without using a Discount voucher which is good as compared to it's competitors. #NightOwl #HappyWallets #TheSelfieDen #ThatView #AfterWork
Mohit Pandey at Grand Bazaar, Sector 40, Gurgaon

Mohit Pandey

#GrandBazaar is truly Grand in terms of variety and quality of the products. I had a chance to speak to few people including cashier who gave me a really good feedback about magic friends policy and their behaviour. Effect of hygiene products for daily use #Dettol and Cookies to savor my taste buds. A note that the store is not providing any discounts on magicpin based deals now. #HealthyHabits #Grocery #Gurugram
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11.5k Followers , Software Engineer by profession. Hardcore non veg lover chicken 🍗. loves to travel🏠🚘✈🚢🗼🌉. I have a sweet tooth 🍦🍰🍭🍫🍩🍪. Food and lifestyle.
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Nachos chat all time fab.

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