Delivery Only . Cost for two: ₹500

Delivery Only Cost for two: ₹500

Wada, Mumbai.

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Delivery: 70-75 mins

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Sada Dosa image
Masala Dosa image
Cheese Masala Dosa image
Plain Dosa image
Onion Uttapam image
Rava Masala Dosa image
Palak Dosa image
Tomato Onion Uttapam image
Schezwan Dosa image
Butter Sada Dosa image
Mysore Masala Dosa image
Paper Masala Dosa image
Rava Dosa image
Mysore Sada Dosa image
Spring Dosa image
Cheese Palak Spring Dosa image
Coconut Uttapam image
Masala Uttapam image
Paper Sada Dosa image
Palak Paneer Dosa image
Onion Rava Masala image
Cheese Onion Uttapam image
Cheese Uttapam image
Plain Uttapam image
Onion Rava Sada image
Tomato Omelette image
Special Set Dosa image
Cheese Palak Paneer Dosa image
Tomato Uttapam image
Cheese Chilly Dosa image


Chocolate Sandwich image
Veg Sandwich image
Only Cheese Sandwich image
Club Sandwich image
Veg Cheese Sandwich image
Pineapple Sandwich image
Cheese Bread Butter Sandwich image
Bread Butter Sandwich image
Veg Mayo Sandwich image

Toast Sandwich

Cheese Chilli Sandwich image
Only Cheese Toast Sandwich image
Veg Paneer Toast Sandwich image
Mayonnaise Toast Sandwich image
Chocolate Toast Sandwich image
Club Toast Sandwich image
Masala Toast Sandwich image
Masala Cheese Toast Sandwich image
Corn Cheese Toast Sandwich image
Veg Toast Sandwich image
Veg Cheese Toast Sandwich image

Grill Sandwich

Veg Paneer Cheese Sandwich image
Veg Grill Sandwich image
Club Grill Sandwich image
Veg Cheese Grill Sandwich image
Only Cheese Grill Sandwich image
Tandoori Pizza Bites image
Veg Mayo Grill Sandwich image
Ravechi Special Sandwich image
Mumbai Grill Sandwich image


Double Cheese Pizza [6 Inches] image
Only Cheese Pizza [6 Inches] image
Corn Cheese Pizza [6 Inches] image
Cheese Buzza Pizza [6 Inches] image
Mumbai Pizza [6 Inches] image
Cheese Schezwan Pizza [6 Inches] image
Tandoori Pizza [6 Inches] image
Pahadi Pizza [6 Inches] image
Jain Special Pizza [6 Inches] image
Veg Mayo Pizza [6 Inches] image
Veg Cheese Pizza [6 Inches] image
Paneer Cheese Pizza [6 Inches] image

Pav Bhaji

Cheese Pav Bhaji image
Hairyali Cheese Pav Bhaji image
Khada Pav Bhaji image
Cheese Masala Pav [2 Pav] image
Only Bhaji image
Pav Sandwich image
Jain Only Bhaji image
Pav Bhaji image
Cheese Pav Sandwich image
Masala Pav 99 [2 Pav] image
Ravechi Special Pav Bhaji image
Jain Pav Bhaji image
Hairyali Pav Bhaji image
Masala Pav [2 Pav] image


Strawberry Milkshake image
Chikku Chocolate Milkshake image
Mango Milkshake image
Kit-Kat Milkshake image
Butterscotch Milkshake image
Cold Coffee With Icecream image
Vanilla Milkshake image
Oreo Milkshake image
Kesar Milkshake image
Chikku Milkshake image
Chocolate Milkshake image
Cold Coffee image
Sitafal Milkshake image
Apple Milkshake image
Chocolate Crush Milkshake image
Banana Milkshake image


Fast Food




MAJIWADA JUNCTION, MAJIWADA JUNCTION, Wada, Mumbai Get Directions merchant position google map link


Fast Food


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