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Arrow stores in New Delhi

Deepak Dalal 21 Sep 2023

I recently visited the restaurant Arrow and was delighted to find they offer traditional and handloom wear. The Men Black Short Sleeve Heathered Polo Shirt was particularly noteworthy - a unique blend of comfort and sophistication. It was quality material and very soft yet breathable. I was thoroughly impressed and would definitely recommend it to others who value traditional and handloom wear!

Mohd kashif 24 Sep 2023

Arrow is an ideal spot for wedding and festive wear. The polo shirt I purchased was great, with a heather color pattern and a comfortable fit. The quality was top notch and I was overall satisfied with my purchase. The price was also reasonable, making it an excellent value for the quality provided. I would definitely recommend Arrow for anyone looking for stylish and lightweight wedding or festive garments.

Vikas Shivhare 20 Sep 2023

Arrow’s black short sleeve heather polo shirt is great! The fit is comfortable and light weight, while the fabric is breathable and soft. The look is modern with a subtly heather pattern, perfect for any trendy man’s wardrobe. I highly recommend this be a staple in your collection.

Shweta 24 Sep 2023

Arrow's Men Black Short Sleeve Heathered Polo Shirt is a great looking and comfortable item. It has a nice fit, and the heather fabric helps to make the shirt more stylish. The price is very reasonable, and this shirt would make a great addition to any wardrobe. Quality construction and fast shipping make this purchase an overall great experience.

Prakhar Sanadhya 20 Sep 2023

I recently visited Arrow and had a great experience. The service was friendly and prompt. The food was amazing - I especially loved the black short sleeve polo shirt. It was comfortable and the material was of great quality. I highly recommend Arrow for anyone looking for a good meal in a great atmosphere.

Ravi pratap 24 Sep 2023

I went to Arrow for dinner and tried their new Black Short Sleeve Heathered Polo Shirt. It was very good, comfortable, and stylish. The material was soft and the fit was perfect. I would definitely recommend this shirt to anyone looking for a nice casual look. Overall, a great experience!

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