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Louis Philippe stores in New Delhi

Rishabh Singh 24 Sep 2023

I recently visited Louis Philippe and was pleasantly surprised. The menu had a great selection of traditional French dishes. The purple shirt I ordered was especially good. The atmosphere was pleasant and staff was friendly. Overall, it was a great dining experience. Highly recommend!

Nitul Kumar 24 Sep 2023

I recently visited Louis Philippe and was impressed! The Purple Shirt I picked up was great quality and fit me perfectly. The fabric was soft and comfortable, the design was stylish, and the colors were vibrant. Overall, I was very pleased and would recommend it. The customer service was fast, friendly, and helpful too. It was a great experience and I’ll definitely be back soon.

Ankur Choudhary 21 Sep 2023

I tried the Louis Philippe Purple Shirt for my recent outing and absolutely loved it. It was super trendy and looked very stylish. The fabric was light and airy, yet durable. The fit was perfect and the colour was vibrant. I would highly recommend this to anyone looking for a fashionable and in-vogue shirt.

Sanskriti Priya 20 Sep 2023

Louis Philippe is a great place to find trendy and in-vogue clothing. The store has a wide array of styles and designs, and the prices are affordable. I recently purchased a purple shirt from the store and am very pleased with the quality and fit. If you want to stay on trend and look fashionable, definitely check out Louis Philippe.

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