Delivery Only . Cost for two: ₹500

Delivery Only Cost for two: ₹500

Masoodpur, Vasant Kunj, New Delhi.

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Paneer Paratha image
Paneer Paratha


Delectable Indian flatbread generously filled with spiced cottage chee


Chicken Sandwich image
Chicken Sandwich


Satisfying sandwich with succulent chicken and crisp veggies.
Puri With Aloo Sabzi image
Toast With Butter image
Toast With Butter


Classic toast slathered with creamy butter for a simple and satisfying
Toast With Jam image
Toast With Jam


Toasted bread served with sweet and fruity jam, a perfect combination
Veg Sandwich image
Veg Sandwich


A delightful sandwich filled with fresh and crunchy vegetables.
Choco Pie image
Maggi Noodles image
Maggi Noodles


A quick and comforting dish of instant noodles, tossed in a flavorful
Aloo Chaat


Tangy and flavorful potato chaat, a delightful street food treat.


Chicken Tandoori [Half] image
Chicken Afghani image
Chicken Afghani


Afghan-inspired chicken preparation, tender and infused with exotic fl
Chicken Tikka image
Chicken Tikka


Succulent chicken chunks marinated and grilled for a mouthwatering Tik
Paneer Tikka image
Paneer Tikka


Grilled cottage cheese cubes marinated in aromatic spices, a vegetaria
Chicken Seekh Kabab image
Chicken Seekh Kabab


Spiced minced chicken molded onto skewers and grilled to perfection.
Malai Soya Chapp Tikka image
French Fries image
Tandoori Chicken image
Tandoori Chicken


Classic Tandoori chicken, expertly spiced and grilled for a delightful
Tandoori Aloo


Tandoor-roasted potatoes infused with flavorful Indian spices.
Veggies Tandoori


Assorted garden vegetables, char-grilled to perfection in Tandoor.
Pyaz Tandoori


Tandoori-style marinated onions, a zesty and smoky appetizer.

Veg Combos

Shahi Paneer Rice Combo image
Shahi Paneer Meal image
Rajma Rice Combo image
Dal Makhani Meal For One image
Shahi Paneer Meal For One image
Dal Makhani Rice Combo image
Veg Biryani With Raita image
Dilli Rajma Meal For One image
Dal Makhani Roti Combo image
Dilli Rajma Combo image
Matar Paneer Rice Meal For One image
Chana Masala Meal image

Non-Veg Combos

Butter Chicken Rice Combo image
Chicken Biryani With Raita image
Chicken Masala Meal image
Butter Chicken Roti Meal image
Mutton Biryani Combo image
Chicken Masala Combo image
Butter Chicken Meal For One image

Veg Soups

Tomato Soup


Soup prepared from garden fresh tomatoes & cream

Non Veg Soups

Chicken Mushroom Soup image
Chicken Hot And Sour Soup image
Minced Chicken Coriander Soup image
Chicken Sweet Corn Soup image
Cream Of Chicken Soup image

Veg Main Course

Palak Paneer image
Palak Paneer


Paneer cubes immersed in a vibrant spinach gravy.
Dal Fry image
Dal Fry


Tempered and spiced lentils, a comforting and wholesome vegetarian dis
Navratan Korma image
Navratan Korma


A rich and flavorful medley of nine assorted vegetables in a creamy cu
Gobi Masala image
Gobi Masala


Cauliflower florets in a spicy and aromatic masala.
Matar Mushroom image
Matar Mushroom


A delightful blend of mushrooms and peas in a savory curry.
Shahi Paneer image
Shahi Paneer


Royal cottage cheese cubes in a rich, creamy gravy.
Mixed Vegetable image
Mixed Vegetable


A colorful mix of fresh vegetables in a light and savory sauce.
Bhindi Do Pyaza image
Bhindi Do Pyaza


Bhindi cooked with onions in a spicy and tangy gravy.
Rajma Masala image
Rajma Masala


Red kidney beans in a flavorful and aromatic curry.
Matar Paneer image
Matar Paneer


A classic combination of peas and paneer in a spiced tomato gravy.
Paneer Butter Masala image
Kadai Paneer image
Kadai Paneer


Paneer cooked in a spicy and aromatic kadai (wok) preparation.
Chana Masala image
Chana Masala


Chickpeas in a robust and flavorful tomato-based curry.
Malai Kofta image
Malai Kofta


Fried vegetable dumplings in a creamy, nutty gravy.
Dal Makhani image
Dal Makhani


(500 ML , Serves 2) Black lentils simmered overnight finished in butte
Dum Aloo image
Dum Aloo


Baby potatoes cooked in a slow-cooked, flavorful gravy.

Non Veg Main Course

Mutton Rogan Josh image
Mutton Rogan Josh


Tender mutton cooked in a fragrant and hearty Rogan Josh sauce.
Chicken Masala image
Chicken Masala


Chicken cooked in a flavorful and spicy masala gravy.
Mutton Curry image
Mutton Curry


Traditional mutton curry with a delicious medley of spices.
Mutton Hyderabadi image
Mutton Kadai image
Mutton Kadai


Spicy mutton cooked in a kadai with aromatic spices.
Mutton Masala image
Mutton Masala


Mutton in a spicy and flavorful masala gravy.
Butter Chicken - Full image
Chicken Curry image
Chicken Curry


Soft and Juicy chicken cooked in a flavorful and aromatic gravy. A cla
Kadai Chicken - Full image
Mutton Shahi Korma image
Chicken Korma image
Chicken Korma


Creamy and mildly spiced chicken in a rich nut-based curry.
Chicken Mughlai


Royal Mughlai-style chicken curry with a rich and creamy sauce.
Mutton Mughlai


Mughlai-style mutton curry with a creamy and indulgent sauce.


Plain Naan image
Plain Naan


Soft and fluffy flatbread made with refined flour topped with kalonji.
Aloo Paratha image
Aloo Paratha


Authentic North Indian style paratha stuffed with a potato, spices and
Rumali Roti image
Rumali Roti


Thin and soft handkerchief-style bread, perfect for wrapping.
Tawa Roti image
Tawa Roti


A flavorful and traditional Indian bread, Tawa roti is a mouthwatering
Onion Paratha image
Onion Paratha


Flavorful unleavened flatbread stuffed with finely chopped onions, sea
Mixed Paratha image
Mixed Paratha


A delightful blend of various stuffed parathas.
Butter Naan image
Butter Naan


Soft and fluffy flatbread made with refined flour topped with butter
Gobi Paratha image
Gobi Paratha


Flavorful Indian flatbread filled with seasoned cauliflower, cooked to
Garlic Naan image
Garlic Naan


Soft and fluffy flatbread made with refined flour topped with garlic &
Plain Paratha image
Missi Roti image
Missi Roti


Bread made with wheat flour and gram flour.
Tandoori Roti image
Tandoori Roti


A delectable and flavorful Indian bread, cooked in a tandoor oven to p
Stuffed Naan image
Stuffed Naan


Soft naan bread stuffed with a flavorful filling.
Lachha Paratha image
Tandoori Aloo Stuffed Paratha image
Butter Tawa Roti image
Butter Tawa Roti


Soft Indian flatbread cooked on a tawa, generously buttered.
Paneer Paratha image
Paneer Paratha


Delectable Indian flatbread generously filled with spiced cottage chee

Rice And Biryani

Veg Biryani image
Veg Biryani


Flavorful biryani loaded with assorted vegetables.
Mutton Biryani image
Chicken Biryani image
Chicken Biryani


Rich and spicy biryani with succulent chicken pieces.
Jeera Rice image
Jeera Rice


Fragrant basmati rice seasoned with cumin seeds.
Peas Pulao image
Peas Pulao


Basmati rice cooked with peas and aromatic spices.
Chicken Pulao image
Plain Rice image
Plain Rice


Simple and steamed basmati rice.


Veg Spring Roll image
Veg Spring Roll


Crispy spring rolls filled with assorted vegetables.
Chilli Paneer - Full image
Golden Fried Chicken image
Golden Fried Chicken


Crispy and golden-fried chicken pieces, perfectly seasoned for a delig
Veg Manchurian - Full image
Chilli Chicken - Full image
Honey Chilly Potato - Full image
Chilly Mushroom - Full image
Veg Momos [6 Pieces] image
Veg Momos [6 Pieces]


Steamed dumplings filled with a delectable mix of vegetables, served w
Crispy Corn - Full image
Dry Chicken Manchurian image
Veg Manchurian With Gravy - Full image
Chilli Chicken With Gravy - Full image
Kung Pao Chicken image
Kung Pao Chicken


Boneless chicken with cashew nuts in tangy & spicy sauce
Chicken Spring Roll


Tender chicken and fresh vegetables wrapped in a thin spring roll past

Fried Rice And Noodles

Chicken Hakka Noodles image
Chicken Fried Rice image
Chicken Fried Rice


Flavorful fried rice tossed with fresh veggies & chicken chunks.
Veg Fried Rice image
Veg Fried Rice


Wok fried blend with fine cut seasonal vegetables
Veg Noodles image
Veg Noodles


Noodles tossed with onion, cabbage & carrots with a touch of dark soya


Plain Raita image
Plain Raita


Creamy yogurt with a hint of spices, a cooling side dish.
Kachumber Salad image
Kachumber Salad


Refreshing salad made with diced cucumbers, tomatoes, and onions.
Mixed Veg Raita image
Mixed Veg Raita


Yogurt mixed with assorted vegetables, a refreshing palate cleanser.
Papad image


Crispy and thin lentil wafers, a crispy accompaniment.
Boondi Raita image
Boondi Raita


Yoghurt mixed With roasted cumin And boondi.
Green Salad image
Green Salad


Fresh cucumber, carrots and tomatoes served with green chilli & juicy


Sprite image
Diet Coke image
Raw Pressery Iced Green Tea image
Coke image
Pepsi image



B-179 , MASOODPUR VILLAGE , VASANT KUNJ , NEW DELHI-110070, South , Delhi-110070, South Delhi, Masoodpur, New Delhi Get Directions merchant position google map link
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