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Cake 24x7 outlets in New Delhi

ujjawal kumar 04 May 2024

I recently ordered the family meal deal from Cake 24X7 and was thoroughly impressed. The Black Forest Flax Cake was definitely a highlight - it was moist and had the perfect balance of chocolate and cherry flavors. As someone who loves ordering food for family dinners on weekends, I can confidently say that this restaurant has a great value for money. The portions were generous and easily satisfied our family of four. I highly recommend this restaurant for anyone looking for a delicious and affordable family meal option.

Svirus17 31 Mar 2024

Cake 24X7 is my go-to place for office lunches and quick meals during breaks. I recently tried their Half Round Chocolate Pinata With Hammer and it was simply delicious. The cake was moist and rich, with a perfect balance of chocolate and sweetness. The added bonus of using a hammer to break open the piñata was a fun touch. Moreover, their delivery was speedy and the packaging ensured the cake arrived in perfect condition. I highly recommend this dish for a satisfying and unique dessert experience

Adarsh 26 Mar 2024

I absolutely love Cake 24X7 for their speed and convenience. Being someone who prefers quick bites and fast food, this place is perfect for me. Their Black Forest Fantasy Cake is simply delicious and definitely worth trying. What stands out to me the most is their delivery speed and packaging, making my experience even better. I highly recommend Cake 24X7 for all the snack and fast food lovers out there. Keep up the great work!

Nitin Chahal 30 Apr 2024

I recently tried the Chocolate Truffle Pastry from Cake 24X7 and I have to say, it was delicious! The quality and taste were definitely worth the price. As someone on a budget, I appreciate finding tasty meal options that don't break the bank. I often order lunch from nearby eateries during my office breaks and I'll definitely be adding this pastry to my regular rotation. Overall, I highly recommend Cake 24X7 for their budget-friendly and scrumptious treats.


I recently tried the Mango Mousse Cake at Cake 24X7 and it was a delight! As a lover of Japanese cuisine, I was pleasantly surprised by the mousse's smooth texture and fresh mango flavor. The cake was beautifully decorated and each bite was a burst of tropical sweetness. The presentation was also aesthetically pleasing, making it perfect for sharing on social media. Overall, I highly recommend Cake 24X7 for their delicious and well-crafted desserts. I can't wait to

Vinutha Gowda 28 Mar 2024

Cake 24X7 delivers the perfect start to any day with their delicious and unique breakfast options. The standout was the Half Round Chocolate Pinata With Hammer, which was simply amazing. The combination of chocolate and breakfast was a match made in heaven. The delivery was prompt and the meal was still warm. I couldn't resist sharing my breakfast experience on social media. Definitely recommend trying this option for a satisfying and indulgent breakfast treat!

Ravi Prakash 30 Apr 2024

Cake 24X7 offers a delicious Chocolate Marble Dry Cake that is both tasty and healthy. As someone who prefers healthy meal options, I appreciate the balance of indulgence and nutrition in this cake. I have to say, the portion size is just right, not too big or too small. I highly recommend this eatery for anyone looking for a satisfying and guilt-free dessert option. Don't forget to check out their other healthy meal options, too. Share your experience with friends and family, and

Umang Agarwal 30 Apr 2024

I recently stumbled upon Cake 24X7 and was pleasantly surprised by their Chocolate Marble Dry Cake. Not only was it delicious, but it was also budget-friendly. As someone who often orders lunch during office breaks, I appreciate a good value for money option. Cake 24X7 definitely delivers in that regard. The cake had the perfect balance of chocolate and marble, and was moist without being overly rich. I highly recommend trying it if you're on a budget but still want to satisfy your sweet

Deepak Dalal 31 Mar 2024

I recently tried the Veg Fried Momos at Cake 24X7 and they were absolutely delicious. The outer covering was crispy and the filling was perfectly seasoned. The momos were served hot and with a variety of dipping sauces which added to the overall taste. I also appreciated the generous serving size. Highly recommend trying these momos if you are a fan of this dish or looking to try something new. Overall, Cake 24X7 exceeded my expectations and I can't wait to go back

Om 03 May 2024

I recently ordered a Vanilla Strawberry Cake from Cake 24X7 for a business meeting, and I must say, I was impressed! The cake was absolutely delicious, with a perfect balance of vanilla and strawberry flavors. The presentation was also top-notch. The delivery was prompt and the packaging ensured that the cake arrived in pristine condition. I have ordered from Cake 24X7 for both business meetings and family gatherings, and they have never disappointed. Their gourmet food delivery from top restaurants is always top-quality

Karan Singh 01 Apr 2024

I recently came across Cake 24X7 and decided to order their family meal deal on a weekend. I must say, their Blueberry Mousse Cake was a delightful addition to our family dinner. It was perfectly moist and had a nice balance of sweetness and tartness. The portion size was generous, making it worth the money spent. Their meal deal was perfect for a family of four and the food was enough to leave everyone satisfied. Cake 24X7 is definitely a go-to for

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