Hunger Burst

Delivery and Takeaway . Cost for two: ₹400

Delivery and Takeaway Cost for two: ₹400

Sector 16, Rohini, New Delhi.

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Hunger Burst is a food and beverage delivery outlet that offers a wide variety of delicious meals. Customers can choose from a variety of cuisines, including Indian, Chinese, Italian, Mexican, and more. The food is freshly prepared and delivered to the customer's doorstep. The delivery service is fast and efficient, ensuring that customers get their meals on time. Hunger Burst also offers a variety of beverages, including soft drinks, juices, and shakes. Customers can also customize their orders according to their preferences. Hunger Burst is the perfect choice for those looking for a convenient and delicious meal.

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Delivery: 70-75 mins


FREE DELIVERY on order above ₹499

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Grilled Sandwiches

Veg Sandwich image
Veg Grilled Sandwich image
Corn Sandwich image
Cheese Sandwich image
Punjabi Tadka Sandwich image
Soya Bean Sandwich image
Homemade Aloo Sandwich image
Paneer Bhurji Sandwich image
Aloo Tikki Sandwich image
Maggi Sandwich image


Veg Maggi image
Cheese Maggi image
Butter Maggi image
Double Masala Maggi image
Punjabi Tadka Maggi image
Plain Maggi image
Chilli Garlic Maggi image
Tandoori Sauce Maggi image
Peri Peri Maggi image
Chinese Maggi image
Masala Maggi image
Vegetable Maggi image
Masaledar Maggi image


Boondi Raita image
Mixed Veg Raita image
Kheera Raita image
Onion Tomato Raita image
Jeera Raita image
Mixed Raita image
Simple Raita [300 Ml] image


Elaichi Tea image
Ginger Tea image


Hot Coffee image


Peri Peri French Fries image
French Fries image
Crispy French Fries image
Masala French Fries image
Chilli French Fries image
Peri Peri Fries image
Masala Fries image
Plain Fries image
Salted Fries image


Paneer Pulao image
Mix Veg Pulao image
Navratan Pulao image
Matar Pulao image
Veg Pulao image
Aloo Matar Pulao image
Vegetable Pulao image
Matar Paneer Pulao image
Veg Tawa Pulao image


Veg Macaroni image
Nachos Corn Macaroni image
Tandoori Macaroni image
Macaroni image


Used fresh vegetables.
Red Macaroni image
Vegetable Macaroni image

Sweet Corn Specials

Plain Corn image
Masala Corn image
Cheese Corn image
Tandoori Nachos Corn Chaat image
Paneer Corn Veggies Salad image


Veg Chowmein image
Singapuri Chowmein image
Chilli Garlic Chowmein image
Paneer Chowmein image
Butter Chowmein image
Veg Hakka Sakka Chowmein image
Butter Paneer Chowmein image
Schezwan Chowmein image
Vegetable Masala Vermicelli image
Paneer Butter Chowmein image
Hakka Chowmein image


Aloo Tikki Burger image
Aloo Tikki Cheese Burger image
Paneer Burger image
Veg Burger image
Corn Burger image

Vrat Specials

Vrat Ki Thali


4 Roti+Aloo ki Sabji+Veg Cutlet [2 Pieces]+sabudana papad

Ghar Ka Main Course

Ghar Ki Dal image
Jeera Aloo image
Mix Veg image
Dal Fry image
Aloo Matar image
Dal Tadka image
Dahi Tadka image
Arhar Dal image

Poori Specials

Poori image
Aloo Poori image
Poori With Aloo Sabji image

Fried Rice

Rice Bowl image
Jeera Rice image
Steam Rice image
Simple Rice image


Roti Thali

Ghar Wali Thali image
Ghar Wali Thali


Mix Veg+Yellow Dal+Raita+4 Roti+Salad [Salad-Subject to Availability]
Veg Thali


Mix Vegetable+4 Roti+Yellow Dal+Raita+Chawal+Mirchi Pakoda [2 Pieces]
Special Thali


Mix Veg+4 Roti+Chaap Sabji+Chawal+Raita+Mirchi Pakoda [2 Pieces]
Deluxe Thali


Mix Veg+4 Roti+Shahi Paneer+Chawal+Raita+Mirchi Pakoda [2 Pieces]
Ghar Ki Thali


Mix Veg+4 Roti+Raita+Mirch Pakoda [2 Pieces]
Shahi Paneer Thali


Shahi Paneer+4 Roti+Yellow Dal+Raita+Chawal+Mirchi Pakoda [2 Pieces]

Tawa Paratha

Paratha image