If you’re sick and tired of butter chicken and dal makhani, try these experimental food restaurants that guarantee to tickle your taste buds like never before. Qubitos Qubitos is redefining the boundaries for classic Delhi comfort food with a new oriental kick. Foodies love this place for its wholesome flavors and sudden kick of spice…Continue Reading “Bizarre Food Experiments That Put These 5 Restaurants On Every Foodie’s Radar”

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We all think that somewhere deep down inside us, there’s a singer that will one day make the world gasp in awe. While we DO end up making the world gasp for all the wrong reasons, Karaoke nights at these restaurants will at least help us experience the illusion of being a global sensation.  The Roost…Continue Reading “Karaoke Nights: Scar Your Friends By Shamelessly Singing At These 4 Restaurants”

We all have vegetarian friends who claim that when it comes to veg biryanis, they just can’t have enough. But deep down inside, even they know that the sorry excuse of a dish they’re referring to as ‘Biryani’ is actually just plain old veg pulao.  Now that we’ve put this out there as a fact…Continue Reading “Let’s Get This Straight: There’s No Such Thing As Veg Biryani”

Ever gone out for a meal and felt guilty about leaving your fur ball at home? Ever wished you could drink and dine with your dog? Well, dreams do come true. We’ve listed the top places in Delhi NCR where you can take your pet along. PUPPYCHINO CAFE Set in Shahpur Jat, Puppychino has a…Continue Reading “Like it ‘Doggy’ Style? Then You’ll Love These 4 Pet-Friendly Cafes In Delhi”


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J.K. Rowling’s been an integral part of our childhood. She helped us lose ourselves in Harry Potter’s fantasy world which, sometimes, seemed more real than the one we live in.  In this speech, J.K. Rowling addresses the benefits of failure by citing examples from her own life. The speech is personal, thought-provoking, and might just…Continue Reading “This Inspiring Speech By J.K. Rowling Will Make You Face Your Failures Head On”

This cozy little cafe is situated in Satyaniketan and is known for their burgers, pizzas, and shakes. Food is pocket friendly and is served in generous quantities.  What’s Unique The differently abled staff is what makes this cafe stand out. The walls are covered with sign language gestures for each letter of the alphabet. Each…Continue Reading “The Differently Abled Run The Show At This Unique Cafe In Satyaniketan”

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