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We've Shortlisted The Top 10 Restaurants In Kolkata City!

By Somdutta Mazumder

Updated - Nov. 12, 2020 5 min read

If you've ever wondered how Kolkata got dubbed as "the city of joy", I have just one question for you. Have you tried the food? Seriously, at the cost of sounding a bit biased, I've always found Bengali food to be the perfect cure for all of life's perils, however big or small. It's difficult to feel dissatisfied, when your mouth is packed with Kolkata's rich, hearty cuisine. A melange of hues and flavours, Kolkata offers something exceptional along the entire taste spectrum, ranging from spicy and savoury to sickly sweet. 


Deriving heavy influence from the eras of Mughal and British rule, Bengali preparations are nothing short of awe-inspiring. Whether you decide to stop for some puchhka at a roadside stall (highly recommended!) or grab a bhar of roshogolla from a mishti shop, you're bound to walk away licking your fingers. As a city, Kolkata is a bustling blend of cultures, and the food aptly reflects this breathtaking diversity. As far as shortlisting the best of the city's culinary delights is concerned, the job is rather challenging. But we tried our best. So, let's get into our curated inventory of the top 10 restaurants in Kolkata, shall we? 



Image Courtesy - 6 Ballygunge Place 


One of the best restaurants in Kolkata city, the stellar reviews of 6 Ballygunge Place speak for themselves. This chain is recognised by residents and visitors of the city in equal measure, for its simple yet true to form and authentic Bengali food. The remarkable service also brings in a big crowd every day, and the staff tend to go out of their way to be helpful. The ambience and decor of the restaurant are soothing and aesthetically pleasing, so you can get new content for your Instagram while feasting on the best Bengali dishes in town!



Image Courtesy - magicpin


Tucked away in an unassuming corner of Old Park Street, Mocambo is less of an eatery and more of an iconic city spot. Mocambo has been a go-to dining choice for residents of Kolkata for several decades, and the authentic taste of traditional delicacies is worth every buck the menu demands. Especially if you're on the hunt for the best Continental food in Kolkata city, head on over to Mocambo without so much as a second thought! 



Image Courtesy - magicpin


Kolkata believes in satisfying every kind of tastebud out there, even if they lean towards a preference for delicious South Indian food. Ammini bears testimony to that sentiment, and offers a menu packed with fantastic-tasting coastal preparations along with a wide variety of authentic South Indian dishes. It's one of the top must-visit South Indian restaurants in Kolkata, and every offering adds new meaning to the word "comfort food". 



Image Courtesy - RJ Heart & Soul


As the name accurately reflects, if there's one restaurant that captures the spirit of Kolkata and its food, it's Oh! Calcutta. Whether it's the gorgeous aesthetic ambience of the place, the timely, thoughtful service, or the lip-smacking taste of authentic Bengali dishes, Oh! Calcutta has you covered on every front. Both the quantity and quality of their dishes are absolutely unparalleled. If you plan on paying a visit, we'd urge you try their Murshidabadi Chicken Fry and Gondhoraj Shorbot! 



Image Courtesy - Kolkata Petuk On Facebook


At Petuk Kolkata, the food is as yummy as the prices are pocket-friendly. In exchange for a cost that's extremely reasonable, you get preparations decked up in all their glory and presented wonderfully, coupled with an outstanding taste that's hard to find elsewhere. The menu is vast and offers plenty of options, and the portions are just perfect. It's also an ideal place to head to alone, considering you can always gorge on one of their delicious dish combinations. 




Image Courtesy - Yummraj


One of the oldest and most well-known bakeries in Kolkata, Flurys has a loyal legion of customers and for good reason. Each dessert dish you'll order here will be brimming with a unique mix of flavours that work together brilliantly to create a delightful experience. Especially their pastries are to die for, fresh out of the oven and mouthwatering in taste. We'd also wholeheartedly recommend their breakfast menu owing to the scrumptious baked goodies tasty enough to make your whole day! 



Image Courtesy - Indulge Express


This cute little eatery in Salt Lake City is true value for money in every aspect, perfect for grabbing a late-afternoon bite without shelling out a lot of money. South Indian cuisine is their speciality, but the small tidbits and snacks like Chole Bhature are equally delectable. They refuse to compromise on the quality or quantity so Coromandel Express is a great safe-bet for when you want something reliably tasty to satiate your cravings with. 



Image Courtesy - Foodies Section


One of the best restaurants in Kolkata serving traditional Bengali food, there's a reason Koshe Kosha enjoys its stellar reputation along with a hoard of loyal customers. Its because nothing beats the taste and authenticity of their Bengali dishes, ranging from spicy Pabdar Jhol to luscious and fresh Dhakai Mangsho. It's one of those places that every foodie in the city files under their Kolkata bucket list, and one taste of their flavoursome preparations will show you why! 



Image Courtesy - Texcial 


As a Bengali, I will always fail to understand how people can have Biryani without any aloo in it, and consider the whole deal absolutely normal. I mean, have you ever tried the aromatic Biryani from Kolkata replete with boiled egg and mildly spiced boiled potatoes? It's worth trading your soul for, I would know! And when it comes to tasting authentic Bengali biryani, few places can compete against the iconic Arsalan Biryani House! 



Image Courtesy - magicpin


Another go-to spot in the city for the most scrumptious Kebabs and Biryani, Zaareen offers luscious taste in exchange for reasonable prices. The quality of their dishes will never fail to impress you, even if it's your 10th time ordering from or dining there. The Kebabs are juicy and perfectly-marinated, and the Biryani platters are accompanied by the most delicious gravy in the entire city. 

Literature, romance, and old-city colonial charm, Kolkata has everything to qualify as a dream destination. But its the food that makes you want to pack your bags and move in ASAP. Try it if you don't believe us! 

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