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Break a Sweat With a Workout or Exercise Class at These Best Gyms in Pune

By Ishan Sharma

Updated - Sept. 24, 2021 11 min read

Workout at these best gyms in Pune! A new era comes with the health-conscious people where they truly support the “idea of having a fit life" whether it's physical, mental or spiritual life. As nowadays everyone is quite aware and concern about their fitness, Pune is no behind of it. Talking about the supporters- Pune is counted among the massive supporter which ultimately results in growing more and more energetic and well- equipped gyms in Pune. So let’s just jump to the Top Ten gyms in Pune where you can hustle that muscle. 


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This gym is comprised of the most sensible trainers who possess complete scientific knowledge about the body and what it needs. Located near Balewadi Phata Baner, Dotfit Fitness is part of the prestigious K11 Fitness Management Co. Pvt. Ltd which focuses on 360-degree health routine of their customers by working hard in nutrition seminars and highly personalized diets.


Major Attraction: Dotfit Fitness is equipped with new age state-of-the-art infrastructure that helps you achieve targeted muscles by specialized training.

Fitness Activities: Power Yoga Classes, Hatha Yoga Classes, Spinning, Zumba Fitness, Kickboxing Classes, TRX Functional Training Workout, Masala Bhangra and Dance Classes.



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Listed among one of the best gyms in Pune, Royal Fitness Club doesn’t need any definition because its reviews speak aloud. With some of the country's coveted fitness professionals, this gym offers all the fitness services at an affordable price.


Major Attraction: Their Indoor Spinning and Cycling are Quite Famous.

Fitness Activities: Aerobics, Yoga Training Session, Kickboxing, Ball Pilates, Body Conditioning, Massage and Spa Therapies.


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Optimum Health has marked itself amongst the best gyms in Pune. Trainers in this gym believe in leading a healthy life than just exhaustive training and fitness activities. If we talk about the success of this fitness club, there are various attributes that contribute to its success like K11 Certified trainer, scientific variation in workouts, Popular Demanded Group Activities etc.


Major Attraction: Personal Health Management Program.

Fitness Activities: Yoga, Spa, Aerobics, and Zumba.


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We all are familiar with this gym as it is globally recognized. Gold’s Gym has various branches scattered across the world. World class machinery and most coveted fitness trainers make this gym stand out of the crowd.


Major Attraction: Personalised Trainers and Result Oriented Fitness Activities. 

Fitness Activities: Power Yoga Classes, Hatha Yoga Classes, Spinning, Zumba Fitness, Kickboxing Classes, TRX Functional Training Workout, Masala Bhangra and Dance Classes.


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Commitment to fitness since 1993, Fitness First gym comes with a strong commitment and is one of the most reliable gyms in Pune. With an assurance to offer the best quality service, this gym has maintained its consistency which ultimately made a strong reputation in the market.


Major Attraction: Dedication to keeping up with its commitment. 

Fitness Activities: Taekwondo, Kick Boxing, Cross-Training, Body Toning, Step, Classic Aerobics, Power Yoga, Cardio-Salsa, and Circuit training.


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The unique attribute of this gym is they provide a separate area to the female so they can enjoy their workout to the fullest. This factor will definitely attract all the female fitness enthusiasts of Pune. For men, world-class equipment with outstanding amenities for its client to focus on workout without any distraction.


Major Attraction: Different types of workout option which will be guided by professional trainers.

Fitness Activities:  Cardio, Pilates, Zumba, Dance, Yoga and Power Yoga, Spinning, Functional Training, Mixed Martial Arts, and Diet Counselling.


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Most sought among college students, this gym in Pune is very economic with all the modern amenities such as fully AC, personal locker, changing rooms, healthy diet that will go with your workout and much more. They also provide free weight section and group ex- studio all under the supervision of a certified fitness trainer. 


Major Attraction: Personalized Fitness Management Program.

Fitness Activities: Aerobics, Zumba, Cardio, Kickboxing, Bollywood Dance, Fusion and Power Yoga.


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Started in 1999, Solaris is one of the oldest gyms in Pune. A spacious and well-equipped fitness center with world-class equipment and certified trainers to help you conquer your fitness vision. 


Major Attraction: Judo and Taekwondo training is the center of attraction of this club. 

Fitness Activities: Body Combat, Body Pump, RMP and Tai Chi training.


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Its management and professional trainers make this gym a home to the people. Specially focused towards combating all IT-concerned health issues this gym also ensure safe training and fit life. 


Major Attraction: Special training modules for all the IT-related issues. 

Fitness Activities: Zumba, Bench Aerobics, Cardio, Kickboxing, Power Yoga, HIIT, Plyometrics, Functional training, Piloxing, and Pilates. 


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This gym has an enthusiastic approach towards staying fit and providing excellent quality equipment. It's fully air-conditioned and also conducts extra activities like Yoga, Zumba, and Bollywood Dance. Dietician is also available along with personal trainers to make it easier for you. Tone up at Kaizens's Gm for Super Cardio Workouts and Get Flat Abs!


Major Attraction: Excellent Quality Equipment, Extra activities beyond Gyming.

Fitness Activities: Yoga, Zumba, Bollywood Dance


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It's a 5000 sq.ft spacious, fully air-conditioned Gym, well equipped with strength training and cardio equipment. They also have a spa with steam and shower for Gents and Ladies. They specialize in body conditioning, aerobics, yoga, dance, and Zumba. The gym is under the ownership of Mr. Sanket Tate. The packages include Bollywood dancing and circuit training as well.


Major Attraction: Spacious Gym, Spa with Steam and Shower

Fitness Activities: Aerobics, Yoga, Dance, Zumba, Body Conditioning


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It's one of the best gyms in Pune and offers a variety of services like Cardio training, Strength Training, Functional Training. They have excellent gym equipment which includes cardio machines, resistance machines, free weights and a lot more. It is under the ownership of Mr. Prashant Uttekar.


Major Attraction: Special Trainings, Excellent Equipment

Fitness Activities: Functional Activity, Strength Training, Cardio Training


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They've got it all from Cardio Equipments, Strength Training Equipment, Nutritional Support, Stretching Area and everything a fitness enthusiast will fall for. Apart from the best trainings - Life Fitness also provides Aqua Zumba, Aqua Spinning Tone Up, Super Cardio Endurance, Basic Zumba, Cardio-Kick Boxing, Steam Bath and Yoga, Fat Loss and Weight gain.


Major Attraction: Strength Training Equipment, Nutritional Support, Aqua Zumba

Fitness Activities: Zumba, Yoga, Aqua Spining, Steam Bath, Kick Boxing


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Mr. Abhimanyu Sable is the founder of Abs Fitness And Wellness Clubs - He has been in the field of fitness for almost 23 years - and has trained over 50,000 people. They also economically challenged and physically challenged children - to provide them with education related to basic amenities like employment, accommodation, and health. 


Major Attraction: Students Membership, Trim Training for Fat and Weight Loss, Corporate Memberships

Fitness Activities: Zumba, Yoga, Power Yoga, Aerobics, Kickboxing, Bollywood Dancing


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Come here to experience Workout satisfaction. They believe in happiness before pain, making sure that every single of their clients covers the lengths needed for the desired state of fitness. Come here for a fun fitness regime or something that's core to working out your muscles, you won't leave disappointed!


Major Attractions: Personal Training, Pay Per Session

Fitness Activities: Yoga, Aerobics, Pilates, Core Training, Muscle Development


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It doesn't matter what kind of fitness you possess right now, you can scale it up at MultiFit. It's a renowned name in the fitness world of Pune and by now has come up at locations all across the city. Touted to be among the top fitness destinations, MultiFit boasts its state of the art equipment, trainers who bring in world-class expertise and fitness regime that can fall right for any kind of lifestyle needs and requirements. 


Major Attractions: Yearly membership, HIIT Workouts and Pay Per Sessions Available

Fitness Activities: Functional Training, Looping, Calisthenics, Yoga & Dance Fitness


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A fitness centre with a breathtaking view, the Evolve Gym is a sheer delight for fitness freaks in Pune. How many places did you come across with a rooftop workout space? Well, I hadn't seen any before this. If you're looking forward to a reason more than just fitness to go to the gym every day, then come here, you won't miss out on anything that comes with this package of goodness. They escalate the entire meaning of working out by taking the clients on fitness treks, they roll out contests and fun activities regularly and much more to keep you motivated enough.    


Major Attractions: Meal Plans, Hammer Strength Equipment, Functional Training Area, Dedicated Cardiovascular Programs

Fitness Activities: Yoga, Zumba, HIIT, Kickboxing and many other group specific activities.


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Amida's Health Club works upon a concept of holistic fitness goals. From your mind to the body and soul, they completely rejuvenate and refill your energy sources. Awaken to the real meaning of fitness, when at the many other options at hand would just promise the much-needed support and come up with amenities and trainers who can only work upon to refining the external shell.


Major Attractions: Diet Packages, Nutrition Bar, Spa & Massage

Fitness Activities: Yoga, Aerobics, Spinning, Cardio Blast, Zumba & Bollywood Dance


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They are set out to change the face of fitness in the world, with a goal to bring out the best in you. And along with that, we mean a complete overhaul of every one of your senses and bodily limits. Beyond Fitness is a fitness hub dedicated to bringing a holistic approach in the fitness industry. Their motto says, when you master yourself, you master the world around and that's what they make you thrive towards while a part of one of their fitness programs. So come here to seek something which is exponentially helpful in attaining higher fitness goals.  


Major Attractions: Group Classes, Nutritionist, Personal Training

Fitness Activities: Yoga, Zumba, Spinning


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Nothing fancy, but everything your body desires! Body Fuel is one of those places with quirky concepts and fitness regimes that deem suitable for all kinds of body types in Pune. A perfect place for those who love taking the unconventional ways and roads to their goals and seek a platform of fitness that's all things enticing and that comes in packages of fun and excitement for one & all.


Major Attractions: Diet Consultancy, Personal Training

Fitness Activities: Zumba, Aerobics, Bollywood Dance, Pilates, Fusion, Cardio Kickboxing


So, people of Pune we hope have given you enough vibe to hustle for that muscle. Hit on to these gyms and find your fitness motivation. 



Q. What essential items do you need to bring to the Gym?
Headphones, Comfy workout clothes, Water Bottle, Gloves, A jump rope, Dip belt, Veteran Shoe, Tall socks on deadlift days, Lifting belt, iPod, Energy Drink.


Q. Gym precautions for a beginner?

A. Learn to do the exercise with proper form. Try to study your body language when you are working out. Feel the targeted muscle stretch and contract.


Q: What are the common mistakes you can make while running on a treadmill or outside?

A: Increasing your speed and distance at the same point, wearing heavy gear, improper posture, not taking days off from the routine encourages injuries, swinging hands too much and landing on their heels.


Q. Should I drink water before a morning workout?

A. Staying hydrated is essential for your health, particularly when you're working out and possibly losing a lot of water through sweat. General guidelines are to drink 17 to 20 ounces of water 2 to 3 hours before exercising, another 8 ounces during your warm-up (or 20 to 30 minutes before exercising), 7 to 10 ounces every 10 to 20 minutes during exercise, and 8 ounces of water within 30 minutes after exercising. Yes, that's a lot of water!


Q. I work till late in the night, so will there be proper trainers available, will they be excited enough to help me during my workout?

A. Absolutely, the trainers are specialists of their arenas and have the endurance that makes them equally energetic throughout the day.


Q. What if I need to leave the gym in the middle of the month, will there be a refund possible of the remaining time?

A. No refund will be processed if you leave a program midway, however, you can get in touch with the gym authorities for the same in case of a medical emergency. 


Q. What if I get injured during the session, will the treatment cost be covered by the Gym?

A. No, the gym or the trainer involved cannot be held liable for any injury occurred to you during the course of an exercise or due to it afterwards. If in case you cause any damage to the gym equipment, you can be charged for repairs or replacement.


Q. Is there an age restriction implied?

A. Yes, usually there are age restrictions on gym packages, however, for exact info on the same, please refer the latest terms & conditions before making the final booking. 


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