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Newly Opened Restaurants In Mumbai To Satiate Your Taste Buds: So Drool & Dig In

By Arushi Bhalla

Updated - Oct. 25, 2019 5 min read

Mumbai - A city where each day there is an opening of a new venture, be it a cafe, salon, boutique or anything. This city always has something new to offer. And when it comes to food, it is no way behind. If you are a foodie or like to explore new places, then this article will excite you like no other. Bring some newness to your food and ambience by visiting these newly opened best restaurants in Mumbai!


This is a new restaurant in the city which is providing the best quality delectable food and an enjoyable ambience. Apart from the food, we loved the way they have kept it spacious and luxurious. As the decor and contemporary ambience at Jhatka gives you a luxurious experience and take your nightlife a level up with high bass music and Live Band. The Bar & kitchen's menu of different ‘Global Cuisines like Chinese, Indian, American, Mediterranean. The one thing that makes this place unique is that the staff is all set to make you understand about the dish before placing the order if you ask for.


There is a warm and soothing vibe to this place, not just this, the beautiful interiors is a treat for the eyes. It has a lovely dining experience and it is the perfect place for those who are in love with Indian cuisine as this is the place where you are served authentic Indian Cuisine. You must visit this place as this is one of the best newly opened places in Mumbai.


You can call this place to be a vegetarian's paradise as this is a pure vegetarian restaurant which will sway you away with their oh-so-delicious vegetarian dishes. You will so regret if you miss out on their mouth-watering cheesy dosa and the filter coffee will soothe every coffee lover's soul(not even exaggerating). Give yourself a break and pay a visit to this cool newly opened restaurant in Mumbai.


Invincible Boudoir & Jardin in Bandra is Mumbai's first resto lounge which has lavish and private dinner setting for women. Ladies! Now you know where to head for a newly opened restaurant for a good dining experience. This newly opened restaurant has gained quite a lot of popularity in a few weeks because of its chic interiors and an array of delicious dishes. From the luscious desserts to savoury staters, all are worth trying. 


Shubuii literally meaning to a particular aesthetic of simple, subtle and unobtrusive beauty. Shibuii is a newly opened casual dining restaurant in Mumbai which serves Asian, Japanese, Malaysian and Thai Cuisine. This is the perfect place to have a delish meal in a calm and soothing ambience. This place will not disappoint you and surely stand up to its literal meaning! 




We all know that it is quite a task to search for a peaceful place in Mumbai, so this newly opened restaurant in Mumbai which gives a classy vibe where you go and forget the outside world. When it comes to the interiors, they are done spectacularly and the ambience of this place is on a different level. This newly opened restaurant is quite popular for its variety of cuisines and calm ambience.


One of the most sophisticated and exquisite restaurants in Mumbai, it adds a flourish of vividness to the exciting food culture. The artistically embellished interiors that replicate a youthful college cafe are a treat to the eye. The restaurant is bestowed with an ambience as unique as the ingeniously curated food varieties here. Combining all this makes it a great restaurant to visit in Mumbai.



This newly opened restaurant in Mumbai will leave you in awe with their presentation, an energetic ambience and an unending supply of relishing food and beverages, this outlet surely does take the cake when it comes to creating a sense of amazement. Their outstanding sense of hospitality reflects their experience and the passion that they have towards keeping the customers happy. Although commonly popular for thrilling evenings, they serve an absolutely blissful breakfast as well, which is definitely recommended for everyone.


Ishaara, a new eatery designed by Minnie Bhatt offers more than just a sumptuous meal. What makes this newly opened restaurant special? In this space, you are encouraged to hone your sign language skills as this place has a mute waitstaff who assist you with a broad smile, making you learn a hand signal or two before you leave the place. The array of dishes in the menu will surely leave you spoilt for choices. You must visit this amazing newly opened restaurant in Mumbai. 


This popular eatery in Mumbai is something that you would not want to miss out on! The contemporary décor is elegant and the vibe, still, unmistakably warm. The abundant natural light filtering enhances the rustic charm, and, the seating is comfortable and well-spaced out. Home-style Italian food is what the food menu offers along with some new Mediterranean and European offerings. The attractive bar dotted with stools is sought after. Apart from the remarkable food and great ambience, the service is alert, warm and efficient.



Q: Are there any book cafes in Mumbai?

A: Leaping Windows, Fable, Bombay to Barcelona Library Cafe, Food For Thought.


Q: Which are the best Irani cafes in Mumbai?

A: Kayani & Company, Cafe Excelsior, Yazdani Restaurant & Bakery




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