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5 Quirky Socks From SockSoho You Need To Put Your Best Foot Forward

By Somdutta Mazumder

Updated - April 30, 2020 3 min read

There's something so eccentrically fashionable about a quirky pair of socks. The rest of your outfit can be as basic and dull as you please, but adding a cool pair of socks will up your style quotient instantly. It adds character to your ensemble, and emphasizes the individuality in your personality. 



Some people make a hobby out of collecting quirky socks, such is the variety available and the fun quotient in sporting an attractive pair on your feet. Particularly applicable in the case of men's fashion, where everyday apparel tends to be unimaginative and minimalistic, donning an attractive pair of socks will make an effortless statement, without you swaying from your comfort zone in fashion. And on that note here's a list of 5 quirky pairs from SockSoho, you need to own to put your best foot forward. 


1. The Ones With Reindeers

Okay, Christmas might not be close to coming anytime soon, but a little festive cheer never hurt anybody. These reindeer printed socks from SockSoho, are adorable, fun and happy, with your feet indicating that you're always up for a celebration, December or not. The socks come with cute Christmassy details like stars and bells, along with the ability to instantly pick-up your outfit. 


Image Courtesy - SockSoho


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2. The Ones Honouring Silicon Valley 

If ambition burns bright in the pit of your stomach all day long, and your belief in positively changing the world keeps you going, this is the pair of socks you need in your life. Honouring innovation and endless possibilities in the Silicon Valley, these socks are for those who refuse to settle for mediocrity while chasing success.


Image Courtesy - SockSoho


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3. The Ones With The Smitten Frog

If you're a hopeless romantic, you don't necessarily need to wear your heart on your sleeve. You can also wear it on your feet! These adorable socks by SockSoho feature a smitten frog who's clearly in love with the feeling of love. The sparkling eyes and content eyes add to the charm of this pair, that you should sport on your next date with your partner! 


Image Courtesy - SockSoho


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4. The Ones With Vikings

Every man has at least once during childhood, dreamt of being a mighty, brave Viking. Known for being great warriors and tactful traders, Vikings were popularly seen as symbols of strong power and courage. This pair by SockSoho pays tribute to their fearlessness, by featuring a cartoon Sweedish Viking. 


Image Courtesy - SockSoho


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5. The Ones With Polka Dots 

If you're not quite ready to commit to flamboyant designs in your socks, but still would love to make a unique statement, here's the right pair. These minimal polka-dotted socks in black, are so understated while also being elegantly fashionable. You can sport this pair to up your footwear game, without venturing too far from familiar fashion territory. 


Image Courtesy - SockSoho


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Let's sock and roll, everybody! 


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