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Recreate Outfits From Sex & The City Reboot's First Look With Us!

By Anubha Das

Updated - Aug. 27, 2021 6 min read

And just like that, we got our first look into the lives of our favourite ladies in their 30s as they navigated life in NYC, and now in their 50s as they cope with newer (but still drama-filled) concerns. Whether you were a Carrie, Miranda, or Charlotte fan (unfortunately, our personal favourite, Samantha, isn't in the remake), they all had a distinct aesthetic that we want to emulate, reboot or no reboot. After all, didn't we all want to run around NYC in a pink tutu?


Image Courtesy: Variety


Read on to know how to recreate their outfits from the remake at an affordable price (absolutely no Manolos or Dior bags here, we promise.)


Carrie Bradshaw


Carrie Bradshaw's style is fun, flirtatious, and, well, expensive, and she is perhaps the series' biggest fashion idol. She made tutus famous, converted Mr Big's walk-of-shame shirt into a shirt dress ensemble, and she's still the first person you see in the remake.

Let's check out some of her classic closet picks!


1. Flying Machine White Tee From Myntra


Price @ INR 539


A piece you may already have in your closet but can never have too many of, SJP's outfit features a basic white t-shirt that's easy to layer or wear on its own.


Image Courtesy: Myntra



2. Fable Street Checked Pencil Skirt with Box Pleats From Ajio


Price @ INR 1,140


Carrie has tucked her white tee into our favourite skirt length (midi, of course), and while this one lacks the corset-esque waist detailing and is short, it also lacks the $200 price tag and has an excellent fit.


Image Courtesy: Ajio



3. H&M Women White & Brown Striped Oversized Cotton Shirt From Myntra


Price @ INR 1,299


Remember how Carrie dressed a white shirt from Mr Big's wardrobe with a belt and made it work? We're guessing that same shirt made a reappearance for this look, but we've seen white shirts layered with tops and dresses in a more modern style.


Image Courtesy: Myntra



4. Ayesha Short Necklace with Beads From Ajio


Price @ INR 399


Beaded necklaces, which are kind of tacky and cute, have been all over Instagram recently, so Carrie had to be wearing one, too. Her blue necklace gives a pop of colour to the otherwise monochrome ensemble, making it appear younger and more contemporary.


Image Courtesy: Ajio



5. Marc Loire Women Black Solid Pumps From Myntra


Price @ INR 983


Other than $40,000 richer, where would Carrie be if she didn't have her shoe addiction? Young girls generally wear Mary Janes, but the (very) high heels and triple buckle give them a more mature and sophisticated style. Fun fact, the Celine ones SJP is wearing cost $970! The ones we propose have a more manageable heel and are more inexpensive. If you're a shoe fanatic like Carrie, you'll love these heels she'd rock in an Indian remake.


Image Courtesy: Myntra



Miranda Hobbes


Is it just us, or does Miranda always seem to receive the worst plots? As depicted by Cynthia Nixon, Miranda was angry, cynical, and compassionate (and also the only one who displayed any common sense, sorry not sorry.) Her style was understated, and we're digging the androgynous path her outfit is taking in the remake.


1. OUTRYT Women Satin Shirt From Ajio


Price @ INR 1,299


While Miranda's dress has a checkered design (and costs approximately $1800), we think this satin one with a comparable neckline and colour is a good alternative.


Image Courtesy: Ajio



2. Zola Ankle Length Flared Palazzo From Ajio


Price @ INR 797


Miranda agrees that skinny jeans are no longer fashionable. Her blouse is coupled with white slacks, which we can't suggest highly enough (unless you're really clumsy) because they match with everything. Because they're high-waisted, they're also quite flattering.


Image Courtesy: Ajio



3. Invictus Women Off-White Solid Pumps From Myntra


Price @ INR 1,079


Miranda's heels are Manolos, white and classy. Yours can be from Invictus, white and classy. We have good experience with shoes from Invictus being comfy and easy to walk in, and they last a really long time. Plus, we consider white shoes an investment.


Image Courtesy: Myntra



4. BERRYPECKERS Quilted Sling Bag with Chain Strap From Ajio


Price @ INR 640


You've certainly seen the green version of this bag all over Instagram (it's a favourite of influencers), but we love it just as much in white. While Miranda wears hers as a clutch, we appreciate the versatility of this BERRYPECKERS bag, which allows us to wear it on our shoulders as well.


Image Courtesy: Ajio



Charlotte York Goldenblatt


We admire Charlotte's optimism and connect to her hopeless romantic nature since she is traditional, courteous, and conservative. Her style is feminine, elegant, and ageless, and she is unquestionably the face of Chanel.


1. La Zoire Women Black & White Polka Dot Printed Top From Myntra


Price @ INR 601


Charlotte is played by Kristin Davis, who is preppy and traditional, and her polka dot top and clothing, which is more black than white, is a stark contrast to Miranda's, much like their personas. The shirt we chose has a high neck, long sleeves, and a button closure (Charlotte wore a lot of them), and it will go well with a skirt or jeans.


Image Courtesy: Myntra



2. N-GAL Back Slit Pencil Skirt From Ajio


Price @ INR 599


If there's one person on the show who probably owns a pencil skirt in every colour, it has to be art gallery-going Charlotte. A black one is a good option for people like us, though, since it goes with literally everything. 


Love twirling around in skirts? Check out these trendy skirts.


Image Courtesy: Ajio



3. KLEIO Black Textured Sling Bag From Myntra


Price @ INR 867


Charlotte is wearing a black Lady Dior that we couldn't ask you to purchase if we tried. Instead, we like this sling, which has a similar form and will go just as well with your outfit.


Image Courtesy: Myntra



4. Allen Solly Women Black & Olive Green Floral Print Pumps From Myntra


Price @ INR 2,499


Is there anything on this woman's body that isn't designer? Charlotte's flowery heels are from Prada, and they serve to give a pop of colour without being too much. After all, Charlotte could never be accused of making a fashion faux pas, right? With this Allen Solly selection, we're suggesting a brand to you.


Image Courtesy: Myntra




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