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Stand Out In The Crowd By Adding These Statement Fashion Accessories To Your Outfit

By Architi Batra

Updated - Oct. 25, 2019 2 min read

Clothing may make up the majority of your outfit but accessories add essence to it. Include these 20 distinctive accessories into your fashion list and flaunt your style statement with confidence. These year-round necessities are season friendly for anytime you want to take your fashion note a little up that notch.


1. Be Aesthetic With Cane Bags 


2. Choose Sunglasses Popping With Bright Colour Instead of Plain Old Boring Safe Choices

3. Go Down The Culture Gully With Bandhej


4. Add Pin Patches To Your Clothes Temporarily or Paste Them With Cloth Glue For Permanence 
Patch Jeans


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5. Surprise Even Yourself With Quirky Pom-Pom Sandals
pom-pom sandals_image


6. Get An Edge Over Your Sleek Modern Look With a Mirror Detailing Bag


7. Complete Your Indian Attire With The Perfect Kolhapuri


8. Be Savage With Graphic Earrings That Speak Your Mind


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9. Get The Edge With No Piercing Nose Rings And Ear Cuffs
no piercing ear cuffs_image


10. Be The Perfect Drama Queen With Multiple Different Size Vintage Boho Rings
boho multiple rings_image 

11. Invest In a Single Big Multicoloured Ring That Will Coordinate Well With All Your Outfits
big multicoloured boho ring_image


12. Go The Banjaran Route With Tribal Jewellery & See The Magic It Does To Your Outfit
banjaran jewellery_image


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13. A Big Dramatic Necklace To Marry Your Personal Style, Whether In Silver or Pearls or Just Layer Together Some Small Ones
boho necklaces_image


14. Look High Fashion Pairing Coloured Boots With Outfits You Wouldn't Have Thought of Wearing Boots With
colored boots_image


15. Dressy Yet Classy Watch For The Final Touch Always!
classy vintage womens watch_image


16. The Simple Party Clutch in Satin, Leather or Fur is The Necessity As Well As The Statement Piece You Need
party clutch women_image


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17. The Perfect Earrings With Any Outfit Can Turn You From a Pyjama Queen To an Alam Queen in No Time. 
tassle earrings_image


18. Don't Be Afraid of Being Called Out For Wearing a Hat. Wear It With Confidence in The Most Up Top Manner And Be The Reason For Everyone's Jealousy
fashion hats jute _image


19. Belt-It-Up And Give Your Waist The Attention It Needs
fashion belts_image


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20. Make Every Outfit Better With Basic White Shoes!
white shoes women_image


Choose whatever fits your style well and the next time you go out of the house, don't forget to accessorize it!


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