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10 Fun Places In Hyderabad That Are Unconventional And Entertaining

By Architi Batra

Updated - Oct. 25, 2019 8 min read

If you and your friends are always on a lookout for exciting experiences and revisiting histories in this city of Pearls and Biryani, then this is the right place for you. We know you don't always want to visit the historical monuments as much culturally significant and magnificent they are or go on a Food walk in the city for the best Biryani, Tunda Kebabs, and Rabri Faluda. 

But Hyderabad has a lot more to offer than you know. This list of 10 Fun Places in Hyderabad that are unconventional and entertaining will help you and your friends decide faster the next time you are planning to meet and decide what to do as there will be fewer reasons for those frequent plan cancellers in the group to cancel this time!


1. Mystery Rooms

A unique interactive, entertainment experience is also a 'live escape game' that grants you adventurous missions, experience, adrenaline rush, challenging tasks and lots of mystery. It is a challenging race against the clock where the sole motive is to get yourself out of a theme based room before time kicks you out! It's not as easy as you think as everything you need to escape is inside the room waiting to meet your eyes, and you just need to power to analyze and interpret it well for your purpose. This is one game that will challenge all your senses. You could play in teams of 2 to 8. It is recommended to book that you book in advance your preferable game and time slot. From 7 to 8 different rooms and game options with different difficulty levels, the game is a pure genius and an amazing experience in all.

Image Source: Magicpin


Where: 1. Third Floor, SVM Mall, ZONAH Neptune, Rd Number 36, CBI Colony, Jubilee Hills (Get Direction)
            2. The Platina, Shop No. 7, Ground Floor, Banjara Basthi, Jayabheri Enclave, Gachibowli (Get Direction)
Contact Number: 9899009156
Price: Varies depending on the team size and peak time (Know more)


2. Dialogue In The Dark

An international experience that has centers in Hyderabad and Chennai is an acclaimed exhibition tour. This experience takes place in complete darkness. They put you in everyday situations - like crossing the road, or going to the supermarket - but in complete darkness, awakening the senses, and deepening self-awareness for 60 minutes. It's an unforgettable journey that will open your eyes to see the world in a brand new light! At the Hyderabad exhibition, you experience a Shaking bridge, Park and Dark Cafe. You enjoy your food in perfect darkness. No Candle, No Light, Only You and 50 others in the room enjoying a well-curated surprise meal. It's the perfect opportunity to have fun with an adventure and learning opportunity.
Image Source: TimesOfIndia


Where: Level 5, Inorbit Mall, Madhapur (Get Direction)
Contact Number: 040-6746-0020
Price: Varies depending on the combo meal and time slot you choose (Know more)



3. Lazer Ops - Lazer Tag

Lazer Ops is a Laser shooting game arena. It's the virtual video game you always dreamed of being a part too. Shoot your friends with lasers during the laser game. You get scorecards to keep track of how much better you are than your friends! Lazer Ops was the first Laser tag arena in Hyderabad and one of the first laser game arenas in India. It was also the first laser tag gaming center in India to have a multi-level laser game arena! This game has all the fun elements of paintball and adds much more to the experience whilst taking away from the negative aspects of paintball! 

Image Source: LzaerOps


Where: 1. Jubilee Hills (Get Direction)
            2. Hyderabad City Center, Banjara Hills (Get Direction)
            3. Begumpet (Get Direction)
Contact Number: 888 555 6594
Price: Varies depending on the arena you visit (Know more)



In a list for fun places in Hyderabad, SMAAASH had to be there! SMAAASH is a lot more than just the hub of virtual reality games. For the ultimate gaming experience, the SMAAASH alley is up top. Not only gaming but for bowling, go-karting, cricket and other things too, SMAAASH is a futuristic indoor entertainment place that you'll definitely get hooked to and for sure wouldn't want to get out of! The place has a food parlor inside to satisfy your food cravings too which ultimately means that they plan to keep you inside forever! It puts your convenience as its first priority and offers you the best entertainment deals and packages in Hyderabad.

Image Source: BookMyShow


Where: 1. Inorbit Mall- Cyberabad, Madhapur (Get Direction)
            2. 6 Mall, Dilshuknagar  (Get Direction)
            3. City Center Mall, Road No 1 Banjara Hills (Get Direction)
            4. 36 Jubilee Hills (Get Direction)
            5. Forum Sujana Mall, Kukatpally (Get Direction)
Contact Number: 08879788796
Price: Varies depending on the arena you visit and the deals and packages they are offering at the time (Know more)


5. The Hidden Castle

The Hidden Castle is an imposing castle-themed resort and is a one hour's smooth drive away from Hyderabad. It's the life-size castle you all have wished to live in after seeing all those Disney movies. It is sprawled over 30 acres and is every adventure and nature lovers dream of. You can participate in various activities like Aqua Sports, Camping, Rope climbing, Cycling, Shooting, Waterfalls and much more.  The entrance has a beautiful circular domed reception hall which leads to the bridge with quaint boats rowing in the waters under it. The drawbridge is lowered like any movie scene, from where you enter the Four Seasons hall named after the four marble statues that grace it and reach the crescendo where you can participate in many leisure and adventure activities.

Image Source: TheHiddenCastle


Where: State Highway No.1, Mathpally (Get Direction)
Contact Number: +91 9821573537
Price: Start at Rs. 1200 per person (Know more)



6. Pazzo Mini Golf

The Pazzo Mini Gold is the entertainment platform for all generations. The place is India's first of its kind miniature golf project which is played using a putter and a Golf ball. The mini golf course has 9 to 18 holes and the objective is to hit the Mini Golf ball into the hole with as few strokes as possible. The game is so much fun as weird and crazy obstacles are positioned on every hole, hence making it an experience like no other! They also have food stalls in the area.

Image Source: 


Where: Botanical Garden Gachibowli Road, Near Hi-tec City, Kondapur (Get Direction)
Contact Number: 076589 89989


7. The Hidden Hour

It's the real-life escape game which is an entirely new concept in the world of gaming. Get locked in a room, hunt the clues, unravel the mystery, accomplish the mission, ESCAPE and 60 minutes is all you have! Does it get any better than this? They have multiple missions like The Haunted Hostel, The Bomb Diffusal at the Hijacked NCR Metro, A treasure hunt magic show, The adventurous escape of Lot in an Island all with different difficulty levels and a number of players that can enjoy the game. 

Image Source: TimesOfIndia


Where: 703/A, 1st Floor, Road No. 36, Jubilee Hills (Get Direction)
Contact Number: +91 8384071326
Price: Varies depending on the team size and peak time (Know More)


8. The Great Escape

The clock is ticking...Escape in 60 minutes if you can! You are locked in an escape room which is filled with useful, and sometimes puzzling objects. Go inside empty-handed and return later with a reward, or nothing! The atmosphere is chilling and the rooms are built to create a real fun-loving experience with a magical atmosphere. Each fun element is the cue to your escape. So build your team, book a time slot as per your convenience and get playing!
Image Source: LittleApp


Where: No.133, Level 3, SLN Terminus, survey, Besides Botanical Garden Rd, Jayabheri Enclave, Gachibowli (Get Direction)
Contact Number: +91 91210 65555
Price: Varies depending on the team size and peak time (Know More)


9. Runway 9

Letting go of the tracks has to be the ideal way to have a little fun. And like every other city, the city of Hyderabad too, promises this fun. The place that goes by the name Runway 9 in the city offers this distinguished experience to the tourists. Go kart your way at high speeds and inexplicable fun when you visit this place.
Image Source: Toours


Where: Mahindra Showroom, 5-115, Mohan Reddy Commercial Complex, Medchal Road, Beside, Kompally (Get Direction)
Contact Number: 040 2716 5643
Price: Entry Charge Rs. 60. Ticket Price varies per lap starting from Rs. 300 


10. Sahas Adventure Land

Experience the thrill and pulse of adventure where happiness and hospitality are the vital keys. It's the perfect day outing filled with exciting activities and unbelievable adrenaline! The park has extreme adventure activities like bungee ejection, high rope courses, meltdown, net course, life-size angry birds, Trampolines, Mountain Biking, Bungee Ejection, Meltdown, Archery, and sand Volleyball. It is advised to wear loose and comfortable clothing and avoid track pants and shorts if you can. You can also include meal packages with your bookings and enjoy an amazing day away from the hustle and bustle of the city in one of the most fun places in Hyderabad. 
Image Source: Meraevents


Where: Ramoji Film City (Get Direction)
Contact Number: 8008466288
Price: Start at Rs. 999 per person. (Know More)


So, what are you waiting for? Update your WhatsApp groups and plan your next outing to these crazy and fun places in Delhi for some real and unconventional outings.


Q. Theme Parks in Hyderabad
A. 1. Wild Waters
    2. Mount Opera AMusement Pak
    3. Ramoji Film City
    4. Haailand Theme Park
    5. Sahas Adventure
    6. Wonderla Amusement Park


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