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Abhishek 01 Aug 2023

While this shop maybe good in-person, my online experience with him was one of deceit and malpractice. I paid him in advance, fully trusting him to send the medicines as he has billed and had Uber delivery pick up my order He billed me in full (452/-) for a medicines that has 6 tabs, but sent only 4 tabs (that equates to 301/-). When i opened the package and confronted him about the billing and asked him for a refund of 150/-, he declined making all sorts of excuses. When I questioned his business ethics, he said he'd adjust in the next order. I told him I am not from Delhi and that he should do the right thing and return the amount he charged in excess. When I asked him to pay it back via UPI to him, he said he doesn't make online payments (now that's the lowest he can stop since he receives UPI payments on his phone, how then can't he pay me back). Long story short, he doesn't have the ethics to do the right thing and shamelessly has to be told like you would tell a child what the right thing to do is in such a scenario. Beware of this malpractice if you're not from Delhi or around his area. It's a shame Mr. Singh that you cheat customers this way.

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