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#44 IN BEST Chinese Restaurants IN Gurgaon
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Breakfast, Takeaway Available
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Egg Noodles, Chilli Paneer, Basil Chicken

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#perfectforconversations #chinakamaal #chinesecraving - This restaurant has now become #goldwalebhaiya ‘s #favourite outlet for some chinese quick bites!😍😍😍As the name suggests, this casual dining restaurant offers lipsmacking Indo-Oriental fusion food!!😱😱😱Wide variety of Chinese, Asian and Thai are available🤤🤤🤤 along with some beverages😯😯 amd all are available at reasonable prices!🤗🤗🤗This joint has got colorful seating spaces with beautiful interiors and a perfect match for some quick and delectable meals. 🤩🤩🤩What I ordered?.BBQ CHICKEN WINGS - These were literally one of the best chicken wings I’ve had. They were spicy and tangy on every bite!😏😏 (Full review on coming posts)DRUMS OF HEAVEN - There were 8 sizeable pieces in the box with los of masala which enhanced its taste even more. It is definitely a Must try. 🤤🤤🤤CHICKEN DIMSUMS - These looks like a normal steamed chicken momos, but they had such delectable chicken filling inside and tasted even better with chilli sauce and mayo😍😍CHILLY LOTUS STEM - Expected much from this one, but it was tasteless. A little addition of spices could have made it better. Wont recommend this one. 😶😶😶.Overall,Food - 5/5Service - 5/5#goldwalebhaiyarecommends #goldwalebhaiyafoodie #proudgoldmagician #goldmagicianswag #waytoplatinum #waytodiamond ...

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Breakfast, Takeaway Available
Must Haves:
Pancakes, Poha, Chole Bhature