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Best Restaurants with Serves Alcohol in Hazratganj, Lucknow
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Rohit Chauhan 03 Jun 2024

I recently tried the family meal deal at Crystal Lounge and I must say, it was a great experience. The Boondi Raita was exceptionally good and really complemented the rest of the dishes. The portion sizes were generous and the value for money was impressive. As a person who prefers family meal deals, I was happy to see that there were plenty of options to choose from. The staff was also very accommodating and helped us order enough food for our family dinner on the weekend. Overall,

KUKUM GOEL 12 Mar 2024

The late-night snack delivery service from On High at Hotel Silvete is a lifesaver for students like me who often have late-night study sessions. The steamed rice was a hit, with a perfect texture and flavor. My only complaint would be that the delivery time can be a bit unpredictable, but the food always arrives fresh and hot. Overall, I highly recommend On High for their delicious snacks and convenient service.

Sarthak Mathur 12 Mar 2024

I recently ordered the Paneer Makhanwala Combo from The Terrace Grill for lunch and I must say, it was delicious! The paneer was cooked to perfection and the flavors of the Makhanwala sauce were spot on. The side dishes were also well-made and complemented the dish perfectly. The packaging was also impressive and ensured that the food arrived fresh and hot. I highly recommend this combo for a fulfilling and tasty lunch option. Thumbs up to The Terrace Grill for their excellent food

Faizan Syed 12 Mar 2024

I recently visited Pavillion and I was pleasantly surprised to find some great options for those following a Keto diet. Their Dal Makhani Meal Combo was definitely a standout, with its rich and creamy flavors. I loved how the dish accommodated my dietary preferences without compromising on taste. As someone who follows the Keto diet, I appreciate such options on the menu. I highly recommend trying out this meal combo and other Keto options available at Pavillion. Don't forget to share your experiences and recipes with

Ayush Saxena 12 Mar 2024

I recently had the opportunity to dine at Terrace Grill Restaurant and was pleasantly surprised by their variety of gluten-free options. I opted for the Dal Makhani Combo and it did not disappoint. The rich and flavorful dish was perfectly paired with gluten-free naan bread, making it a satisfying and delicious meal. As a gluten-free eater, it's refreshing to see restaurants offering such tasty options. Terrace Grill Restaurant has definitely earned a spot on my list of go-to places for gluten-free dining. Highly

Aashutosh Chachan 12 Mar 2024

I recently tried the Paneer Malai Tikka Combo at Page 3 and it was delicious! The paneer was cooked to perfection and the malai added a creamy texture to the dish. I was impressed by the fresh ingredients used and the portion size was just right for a healthy meal option. As someone who prefers healthier food choices, this dish was a perfect choice for me. I highly recommend trying it and sharing your experience with others. Overall, Page 3 is a great place for those

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