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July 22, 2020, 5:14 p.m.
#ViewInside #GorgeousGarage #VintageCars Hold on......This garage is famous not for repairing automobiles but for some authentic international cuisine and the admiration for the food and drinks is ditto with the look and feel of the #classiccar.....Find this mind blowing place themed in #GarageLook with all the accessories hooked up in walls, shockers clad bar chairs, tyre skins/number plates under the table, fuel filler taps on the gate, beautiful ambience and each table and corner is adequately lit and it changes according to the mood/time at Detroit Garage Bar and Kitchen, CP. And perhaps the best part the antique open car displayed with the table over it to make your moment special and memorable. Coming to the food it is pretty good specially the pastry puff pizzas and the starters. Services and prices (Happy Hours) will make your time more enjoyable.

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