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Sheetal Agarwal garg
July 22, 2020, 5:20 p.m.
As a can see boxes of h&m i am a huge fan of h&m clothes they are good in quality and prices are moderate kinda affordable. On H&M app most of time have sale going on so can save money to buy on discounted price. My most of the western clothes and my daughter’s most of clothes are from there. I love HM when it comes to shop clothes.
•They have very easy return policy of 30 days back.
•Quality of clothes,footwear and accessory is so good.
•Delivery time is about 2-3 days in normal senario.
•they have huge variety of fashion like clothes,shoes,bags,accessory.
Sheetal Agarwal garg at H&M, Connaught Place (CP),  photos

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