Help local businesses survive the lockdown

Buy vouchers now Save 30% + 20% Redeem later


Businesses need cash urgently, to pay rent, salaries & stay open.

When you buy vouchers, we give them the cash right away.

Redeem vouchers within 120 days & enjoy big savings!


How will the local business benefit?
The current lockdown has made local businesses very vulnerable. Every time you buy a voucher for a business, they immediately get the money, which will help them in these difficult times.
How is this voucher different from other vouchers on magicpin?
It’s different because the business immediately gets the money, every time someone buys its voucher. It’s like an advance payment to the business from you and magicpin!
Are the vouchers discounted?
Yes! You can buy the vouchers at a flat 30% discount and 20% additional savings with magicPoints. Which means that you can get products and services of a far higher value than you paid for.
How many vouchers can I buy?
As many as you’d like, for as many enlisted businesses as you want to support! The more you buy, the more it helps a business.
How long will the voucher be valid for?
120 days, from the time of purchase. If the lockdown is extended, the validity of the vouchers will be extended too.
Can I use multiple vouchers on a single bill?
Yes, you can. The objective of these vouchers is to help local businesses. The more you buy, the more secure their future becomes. And you can club your vouchers on a single bill.
Is the voucher applicable on all services at the business?
Yes, you can use the voucher to avail of all products or services offered by the business.
Are the vouchers refundable?
Unfortunately, no. The money you spend on the voucher is transferred to the business right away to support them in these difficult times.
Are there any risks involved?
magicpin is offering these vouchers in good faith to help businesses stay afloat. There is the possibility that despite all our efforts, a business might be forced to shut shop for reasons beyond anyone’s control, in which case the voucher becomes void.

1.2 Million

businesses affected

80% Decline

in monthly revenue

Spread the word to help these businesses stay alive