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Prachi Maulingker Naik

Bronze Magician


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15 Things about Prachi Maulingker Naik

Your guilty pleasure

Matrix ( It's a type of a waffle)

Currently playing in your earphones

Señorita by Shawn mendes and Camila Cabello

Food you'd never give up on

Fish curry rice !

Your favorite app is


The most awesome cartoon character from 90s

Tom & Jerry

Best song released in recent years

Señorita by Shawn Mendes and Camila Cabello

A useless subject you're an expert in

Day dreaming :p

Something you'll never eat

Jumping chicken! It's just ewwww!!

Name someone who is a must follow on Quora

Prachi Maulingker Naik

The cutest thing in the world

Dog anytime!

The coolest thing you own

My hubby!

A quote you love

Live life king size 👑

A city you'd want to live other than your own


Are you a Tea or Coffee person?

Chai anytime!

The first website you visit in the morning to check the traffic.