Nitika Bansal Silver Magician


Nitika Bansal

Silver Magician


31 Answers

Nangal Raya, New Delhi

Nangal Raya, New Delhi

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31 Things about Nitika Bansal

A useless subject you're an expert in

Collecting jhumkas/ earrings

Are you a Tea or Coffee person?


Your favorite app is


A TV series you are currently watching

Little Lord

You can be anyone in the world for one day only. Who would it be?

When i will be paid hugely!!!

The trend you wish had died already

The crop top

The first website you visit in the morning

Facebook no doubt about it!!

Your favorite sport


Something you think is over-rated


The cutest thing in the world

My lil brother

A city you'd want to live other than your own


The coolest living person

My Dad

What's your (alcoholic) drink

I avoid them at any cost!!! Not an alcoholic...

Food you'd never give up on

Fried food!!

Best song released in recent years

Humma humma remix

Your favourite hangout place

Ambience mall vasant kunj

Something you'll never eat


Most interesting job

Being a doctor

Best TV show of all times

Bigg Boss

Name someone who is a must follow on Quora

Andrew Bonvintre

A fashion brand you love

Melange by lifestyle

The most awesome cartoon character from 90s

Powerpuff girls

The coolest thing you own

My phone

A movie that made you cry


Currently playing in your earphones

Humma humma

A sport you'd want to be great at


A quote you love

Live and let other's live

Who do you think is the most under-rated singer?


A book you would recommend

Kent's repertory!!!

Your guilty pleasure


A celebrity you'd want as a friend

Priyanka chopra