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jhanvi aggarwal

Goofy and jolly😍 Fashion influencer ❤️Food lover😝 21 and love painting🔥

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30 Things about jhanvi aggarwal

A useless subject you're an expert in

Annoying my sibling.

Best song released in recent years

heart wants what it wants

A movie that made you cry

oops, there are so many, how am i supposed to take one?

Name someone who is a must follow on Quora

Don't know.

Your favorite sport

Not into sports but sometimes i watch cricket😜

Food you'd never give up on

Pizzaa for life and yeah nachos too.

A quote you love

Expectations lead to disappointment.

Something you'll never eat

Masal oats(mint chutney flavour)) its literally eweww..

Your favorite app is

Currently its Hike and youtube and netflix

Your guilty pleasure

Hogging into desserts

A TV series you are currently watching

The vampire diaries

Who do you think is the most under-rated singer?

Oops, don't know

You can be anyone in the world for one day only. Who would it be?

Kylie jenner.

Best TV show of all times


The trend you wish had died already

ummm... sequine!!!!

The coolest living person

My bua for sure.

The most awesome cartoon character from 90s

oswald? detective conan? kochikame? scooby doo? noddy?

A city you'd want to live other than your own

umm, cities like dehradun, shimla, nasik

Something you think is over-rated


The cutest thing in the world

A new born baby❤️

A celebrity you'd want as a friend

Aishwarya or may be kareena or may be nina dobrev

A fashion brand you love

forever 21

Your favourite hangout place

Some cafe with good dj

Currently playing in your earphones

yeah baby

A sport you'd want to be great at


The coolest thing you own

My cold attitude

What's your (alcoholic) drink

oops, not into alcohol.

The first website you visit in the morning

There is no such website, really?!

Most interesting job

A chef!

A book you would recommend

like a flowing river