Singla Sweets

Delivery Only . Cost for two: ₹500

Delivery Only Cost for two: ₹500

Jaipuria Mall, Ghaziabad.

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Masala Papad image
Plain Papad image
Kadhi Pakoda image
Yellow Dal image
Handi Dal image
Dal Tadka image
Chana Masala image
Dal Makhani image
Multi Grain Bread image
Butter Croissant Plain image
Milk Bread image
Pizza Base image
Cream Roll image
Plain Kulcha image
Choco Lava image
Butter Garlic Tost image
Cheese Loaf image
Garlic Chees Toast image
Veg Kulcha image
Pav image


Butter Cheese Garlic Bread image
Oats Milk Bread image
Multigrain Loaf image
Burger Bun image
Tomato Cheese Bread image
Onion Kulcha (200 Grm) image
Chocolate Muffines image
Vanilla Muffins image
Sweet Bun image
Whole Wheat Bread image
Garlic Bread image
Brown Bread image
Moong Dal Modak image
Coke image


Red Bull image
Black Current Soda image
Fresh Lime Soda image
Masala Lemonade image
Pineapple Soda image
Green Apple image
Virgin Mojito image
Cock image


Butterscotch Soda image
Blue Lagoon. image
Chocolate Soda image
Water Melon image
Vanilla Soda image
Strawberry Soda image
Pasta With White Sauce image
Pasta With Red Sauce image
Banana Cup image
Kheer Cup image
Rajbhog (1 Pcs.) image
Badam Milk image
Mango Cup image
Rasmalai [Pic] image
Rajbhog [Pic] image
Malai Roll [Pic] image
Malai Tikki image
Rajbhog (Plate) - Hd image
Rasgulla [Pic] image
Chikoo Chocolate Cup image
Mango Milk image
Malai Chap(Pc) image
Pasta N Brocoli Salad image
Fresh Green Salad image
Russian Salad image
Mini Thali image
Special Thali image
Special Thali


1 Lacchchha Parantha, Butter Naan, Dal Makhani, Shashi Paneer, Mix Veg
Delux Thali image
Veg. Lemon Coriander Soup image
Tomato Cream Soup image
Hot N Sour Soup image
Veg Manchow Soup image
Mixed Vegetable Noodle Soup image
Veg. Sweet Corn Soup image
Talumein Soup image
Special Paneer image
Khoya Roll image
Channa Daal Burfi image
Imarti image
Khoya Fruit Cake image
Spl. Chocolate Burfi image
Khoya Pista Burfi image
Malai Ladoo image
Milky Rose image
Khaleeji image
Chocolate Burfi image
Fruit Cream Kulfi image
Stick Kulfi image
Kesar Pista Kulfi image
Chilli Paneer(Gravy) image
Chilli Potato image
Veg. Fried Rice image
Chinese Platter image
Chilli Paneer(Dry) image
Manchow Fried Rice image
Veg. Manchurian(Gravy) image
Honey Chilli Potato image
Crispy Corn image
Stir Fried Chinese Green Veg image
Garlic Ginger Chilli Noodles image
Hakka Noodles image
Veg. Red Curry image
Ginger Garlic Fried Rice image
Chilli Babay Corn image
Mushroom Baby Corn Salt + Pape image
Singla. Spl. Crispy Lotus Stem image
Veg. Singapore Noodles image
Chilli Mushroom image
Paneer Burger image
Soft Veg. Noodles image
Veg. Chowmein image
French Fries image
Mix Veg. In Hot Garlic Sauce image
Veg. Manchurian(Dry) image
Rajma Chawal image
Chole Chawal image
Kadhi Chawal image
Navratan Biryani With Raita image
Steamed Rice image
Jeera Rice image
Vegetable Biryani With Raita image
Mutter Pulao image
Kashmiri Pulao image
Vegetable Pulao image



Plot Number 90 Ahinsa Khand 2 , opposite Jaipuria Mall, Indirapuram,, Jaipuria Mall, Ghaziabad Get Directions merchant position google map link
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