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Vinay 28 Mar 2024

I recently ordered from The Dragon Hut during our office lunch break and I must say I was pleasantly surprised. The Veg Pan Fried Momo were absolutely delicious and cooked to perfection. The delivery was surprisingly quick and the packaging was top-notch. I highly recommend this restaurant for anyone looking for a quick and tasty meal option during office hours. 10/10 for delivery speed and packaging!

Arun Kumar 31 Mar 2024

I recently tried Domino's Pizza for the first time and was pleasantly surprised by the quality and freshness of their sushi. The Party for 4 deal, with a discount of Rs. 130, was a great value for money and allowed us to try a variety of rolls and dishes. The sushi was expertly crafted and the flavors were spot on. I especially loved the spicy tuna roll. I highly recommend Domino's Pizza for anyone looking for delicious and affordable sushi. Definitely a must-try for sushi

Suyash 31 Mar 2024

I recently visited Krispy Fusion and was pleasantly surprised by their Masala Cheese Omelette. As someone who prefers vegan options, I was delighted to find a delicious and flavorful vegan dish on the menu. The staff was also very accommodating to my dietary needs. I highly recommend this restaurant for anyone who enjoys plant-based and tasty meals. I will definitely be returning and sharing my positive experience on social media. Thank you, Krispy Fusion, for catering to all dietary preferences!


Fast Food

Sourabh Goswami 31 Mar 2024

I recently tried Chulha, a Japanese restaurant known for its fresh sushi and delicious hot and sour soup. I have to say, their Chicken Hot And Sour Soup was amazing! It had the perfect balance of flavors and the chicken was cooked to perfection. The sushi, as expected, was incredibly fresh and delicious. I love how Chulha pays attention to every detail in their dishes. If you're a sushi lover like me, this place is a must-try!

divya kakkar 28 Mar 2024

Chawla's 2 is a great place for family meals with their amazing family meal deals. We recently ordered the Kadai Paneer combo with Butter Roli 4Pc and 200mL Coke and it did not disappoint. The portion size was generous and we found the food to be delicious. It's the perfect place to order food for family dinners on the weekends. The value for money is unbeatable and we highly recommend it for anyone looking for a satisfying and affordable meal.

ayush dayal 31 Mar 2024

The Biryani Wala is a must-visit for anyone on the Keto diet. Their Exotic Veg Biryani is not only delicious, but also caters to my dietary preferences. The variety of vegetables used in the biryani makes it a wholesome and healthy meal option. I appreciate how the restaurant offers Keto-friendly options, making it easier for people like me to stay on track. I couldn't resist sharing my experience and also some of my favorite Keto recipes from The Biry

Sandeep Kumar Yadav 31 Mar 2024

I recently ordered from Maharaja Burger and I have to say, their Ultimate Cheese Burger was absolutely delicious. The cheese was melted to perfection and the burger itself was packed with flavor. As someone who prefers quick bites and fast food, I was impressed with the speed of delivery and the packaging was great. Overall, I would highly recommend trying their Ultimate Cheese Burger for a satisfying quick meal.

AKASH SAYARE 31 Mar 2024

I recently tried out the Hungry Chinese restaurant and I must say, their Kurkure Platter was definitely the highlight of my meal. As someone who loves spicy food, I was delighted to see the wide variety of spicy options on their menu. The Kurkure Platter had the perfect combination of crunch and spice, leaving my tastebuds satisfied. Overall, I was impressed with the taste and spice level of this restaurant and I will definitely be coming back to try out more of their dishes

Subhankar Roy 28 Mar 2024

I recently tried the Crispy Peri Peri Chicken Rice Bowl at California Burrito and it was truly delicious. The chicken was perfectly crispy and the peri peri sauce added a nice kick of flavor. The rice was cooked to perfection and everything came together perfectly in this bowl. I highly recommend trying it out for a tasty and satisfying meal. Overall, I was impressed with the quality of the food and will definitely be back to try more dishes from California Burrito.

Mayukh Ganguly 31 Mar 2024

I recently tried Thalairaj Biryani and was pleased with the quick delivery and neatly packaged meal. Their Boneless Chicken Biryani was particularly delicious, with perfectly cooked rice and tender chicken. As someone who often orders fast food, this hit the spot for a quick and satisfying meal. Highly recommend for those who prefer quick bites and tasty fast food!

Mohit Malhotra 31 Mar 2024

I recently visited Confusion Fusion and was pleasantly surprised to find that they offer a variety of Keto diet options. I tried their Veg Steamed Momos and Veg Chilli Garlic Noodles, and they were both delicious! The momos were perfectly steamed and the noodles had a great balance of spice and flavor. As someone who follows a Keto diet, it can be hard to find options at restaurants but Confusion Fusion made it easy. I highly recommend trying their Keto options and sharing your experience with

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